5 Really Odd Jobs People Actually Get Paid to do

Written by: Amanda Price


If you are in need of work, finding it might be a bit difficult. That is not to say, you cannot find work as a barista or sales clerk. Because those jobs are plentiful. When it comes to a job that will pay the bills, though, you might find it difficult to find a job.

There are many jobs out there that will pay the bills, but these jobs are hardly interesting. No one wants to go to a boring job. This is especially true of a boring job that barely helps pay the bills. If you are looking for interesting work that helps pay the bills, you will not find it on a regular job posting board.

These jobs, you have to search for. You can conduct an internet search for interesting jobs that pay well. Or, you can continue to read this article for 5 interesting jobs that pay well. These are jobs people get paid to do, they are interesting, and no one will believe you when you tell them what kind of work you do. Read on to find 5 jobs you might like to apply for.

Professional Cuddler

That is correct. You can get paid to cuddle with others. This job might seem a little weird. But, to be a professional cuddler, it does take a little effort. By this, we mean that you will need to go over to the client’s house and cuddle with him or her. It is not all that bad. The pay is excellent. A professional cuddler can make up to $80 per hour. You read that correctly, you can get paid that much to make someone’s day. A professional cuddler is a part-time job with full-time pay. You can make a decent living being a professional cuddler.

Practice Pelvis

This is an interesting job for women. The idea of being a practice pelvis entails exactly what it sounds like. You offer your pelvis up to student gynecologists. These student doctors practice giving a pelvic exam with real-life pelvises. They are only students so it is going to be uncomfortable when they use the tools to open your pelvis. Some of the students are not going to do it correctly.

There are many women all over the US looking to offer their pelvis as a guinea pig, sort of speak, to the student doctors. The pay is not as excellent as a professional cuddler, but it will help you pay some of the other bills you have. At $25 per exam, you could never make your mortgage with the pay. There are some bills you might be able to make with pay like that, though. One such bill is your auto loan.

Fire-Breathing Motivational Speaker

What does a fire-breathing motivational speaker do, one might ask? It is not as simple or as dangerous as it sounds. The fire-breathing motivational speaker is there to help you overcome your fears. (S)he is someone that will put swords engulfed in flames down their throat. It is something designed to help those in business meetings to overcome fear and become a success. It is not as easy as it sounds to watch someone put a sword of fire down their throat. But, to do so, is uplifting and you get the idea that if they can do it, so can you. The pay for a fire-breathing motivational speaker as well. The fire-breathing motivational speaker will be able to do this as a side hustle. This is not a full-time job. It is something that takes the training. The training though is not in a college classroom and does not cost too much.

Lego Artist

This job might seem a little childish. But it is not at all childish. The Lego artist is someone who puts together legos in the form of art. This hobby can lead to commissioned work from others. There will be people and businesses wanting you to replicate items from their lives or their businesses. The pay for a Lego Artist can be outstanding. It is something you can do either full-time or in your spare time. It is something that will lead to traveling as you show off your designs to the public.

There are many Lego artists in the United States. It is a job that allows you to pick and choose what hours to work. It will help you relax after a long day at the office. If you are looking for something to do after work other than watch television, you can start that way. There are many who will want to see your works of art created with Legos. It is a way to wind down and foster your creative energy.

Artists’ Model

This is again exactly as it sounds. The artists’ model will sit in the classroom or for an accomplished artist and allow the artists’ to sketch them. The pay, again, is not excellent. But, this is the type of job that you will want to do to get away from it all. You do not need to be of any particular shape to be an artists’ model. The artists’ who are going to be sketching you will sketch you if you weigh 15 pounds or even more than 300 pounds. This type of work is done at local art schools where you will enjoy being paid to be a model.

The artists’ model is a little different. Sometimes the artists’ model is asked to sit in the chair naked. Sometimes they are allowed to keep their clothes on. The artists’ cannot use a model’s image without her consent. There will be waivers to sign. Of course, to have to sit in a chair means you will get paid to do so. This is one of those jobs that can be a little awkward at first. But as time goes by, you will become used to sitting on a chair with little or nothing on and having others sketch your body as they see it.


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5 Really Odd Jobs People Actually Get Paid to do

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