9 Common Mistakes to Avoid in College

Written by: Lori Gracing

The first year of college can be the most exciting time of your life. You will get to go through new experiences which will ultimately shape you. Depending on how you will curve to the experiences, you can make it through college successfully or fail to graduate. Getting into college, you should be prepared emotionally and mentally. As you prepare or as you look for better ways to shape your future at campus, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Skipping too many classes

You might have slept late last night and come in the next morning, you overslept. You missed a class and figured out, it isn’t a difficult class anyway and you will get a grasp of it once you go through the textbook. That can be the beginning to your academic troubled times at college. You miss one class this time and you will have an excuse to miss another class next time. Before you know it, it becomes a habit. And if it doesn’t, a lecturer might introduce a new topic and create groups for a project due the next class. You will fall behind easily and it can have dire academic consequences.

  1. Not reaching out for help when you need it

Not all college experiences are exciting experiences and sometimes, there are troubles you can’t handle on your own. Whether you’re struggling with an academic problem, depression, or even sickness, the first step toward healing would be reaching out. It is common for college students to struggle with decisions on where they are headed with their major or with a certain class. You will want to reach out to tutors who might be ready to help with academic problems. Additionally, counsellors are approachable when it comes to emotional or mental issues.

  1. Not managing your credits

You might find yourself in a situation where you don’t meet minimum graduation requirements a couple of years down the line because you took lower-division classes during your junior year. That will force you to study for one or two more semesters to meet graduation requirements. You can avoid that by managing your credits prudently. You can leverage the college-provided guidelines to schedule your entire college career.

  1. Not building a network

Networking will not only enable you to have a support system in place at college, but also create connections that might be instrumental in landing your first job after college. Building your network can start as early as the time you’re in college and it can go to mean creating a Linkedln profile to start professional networking. Not networking enough makes many students not to know where to start after graduating from college.

  1. Not expanding your horizons

A little self-study outside your major will go a long way into building a wide knowledge-base that will help you approach tasks and responsibilities. Students concentrate on their major so much that they are disconnected from the real world. Expanding your horizons will prepare you for the real world. After graduating, you will be exposed to various working conditions which might involve dealing with different personalities. A little more knowledge outside your major will help in dealing with challenges that might come up at the workplace.

  1. Not participating in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are the best ways to not only nurture your talent, but also build your physique and meet new people. It is the best chance to grow your community of friends along with building your resume. In most interviews for candidates who just graduated from college, the focus is on hands-on experience as well as passions you might have. Many students fail to involve themselves in such activities and end up not getting the most out of their campus lives.

  1. Ignoring your health and wellness

Poor health is built on increasingly and that one time you don’t take breakfast before going to class will meet the time you spend at school studying instead of resting and contribute negatively to your health and wellness. This is among the most common mistakes made by students today. Students often find themselves eating too much junk food and consuming too many beers a week without visiting a gym facility. That often leads to increased weight which affects most students negatively driving them into anxiety and depression. Take your health seriously and eat healthy while exercising regularly. It will contribute to your well-being at campus.

  1. Overspending

One of the most difficult times a student can go through at college is the broke moments. Being broke affects many students and it is often caused by failing to keep track of their spending. After a semester of drinking and merry-making with friends, spending excessively on books as well as decorating your room, you will find yourself with nothing to use for your basic needs for the rest of the semester or even year. After you’ve blown away your money, you start reaching for your credit card to cover your meal costs and ignore your balance. The debt accumulates and the financial mistakes at college follows after graduation. Therefore, it is important to adopt good spending habits right from your freshman year.

  1. Not treading carefully on social media

Your life might seem at its peak and you would like to share it with friends on social media through post-party pics. You forget that the internet never forgets and upload every moment of your campus life on social media. Come the time of an interview several years later, you will be shocked to hear that your partying habits are not compatible with the company’s culture. If you must use social media, use it responsibly.

In conclusion, college life can be the most-transforming time of your life and it will shape your future. You will have opportunities to build a better future for yourself. However, if you let yourself to be swayed by the waves of destruction, you might end up with a not-so-great future. Therefore, while at college, stay healthy, save money and most importantly, get the most out of your precious education.


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9 Common Mistakes to Avoid in College

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