9 Things to Stay Positive About Your Work Environment and Create Good Relationships

Written by: Lori Gracing

If you are unhappy with your workplace environment, know that you’re not alone! The Conference Board reports that 53% of Americans are unhappy with their work environment. This means that over half of the workforce is unhappy. This is sad because people spend a lot more time at work than anywhere else. However, there are ways you can improve your work conditions as well as knowing when to move on from them.

Try to Find Positivity in Anything

You might have lost motivation and you’re just going through the motions at work so you can collect a check. This is when you should try to find a motivating factor that will help you to do your job more fully. Try to find something positive about your job. For example, there might be a position available that you would like to have but you know that you need additional skills for this job. Why not take up supplemental training that will help you achieve your goal?

It is important to continuously add goals to your work life and maintain a positive view of your job. View your current position as a stepping stone to something greater. Never focus on anything negative just focus on the positive.

Initiate Communication with Your Boss

Most employees wait until their employer sets up a meeting to discuss their performance on the job and outlook for their future with the company. Don’t wait to discuss these matters because this is your career and future. If you think that your performance is lacking, then talk to your supervisor about it. It will show him or her that you care about your job and you want to do your best. Also, find out if your supervisor’s expectations are the same as yours. Your supervisor might treat you better because they know that you want to do better.

Build Positive Relationships with Your Coworkers

Sometimes co-workers can be the major reason why you are so unhappy with their job. However, fostering a good relationship with your coworkers can make your job a lot easier. For instance, if your coworker seems like they’re going through something in their personal life, you could write a card to show that you can be a listening ear for them. This does not mean that you have to be best friends with your coworkers and invite them over your house for dinner, but being nice goes a long way. The less likely your coworkers get under your skin, the happier you are in your work environment and the better your performance will increase.

Set Boundaries

Even though you want to be nice to your co-workers you should still set boundaries. For some people being too nice is the actual cause of why they’re unhappy. Sometimes you just need to say no. For example, take your lunch break, don’t be the “go-to” for working overtime unless you want to do it, and use your vacation days. Don’t work when you’re off or work on weekends. The last thing is, do not respond to your boss at all hours of the day. Setting up boundaries is great for your mental health and will help you have positive relationships with the people you work with every day.

Develop an Exit Plan

Even if you plan to stay at your job for a while, you should always consider how you will exit the company. Don’t wait until you get fired or laid off to figure out what you could do next. This exit plan could include saving up money, seeing what better job opportunities are out there that you qualify for, or having a side hustle that you could eventually do full-time. Realizing that this job will not last forever will help you to utilize it so you can learn new skills and eventually use it to get a better job opportunity.

Know When to Quit

Quitting is not always a bad thing especially if you are truely unhappy with your work environment. If you tried everything to improve your workplace and it’s still a dysfunctional unhappy environment, then you might need to take your talents somewhere else. Just because you spent many years on the job and have given your all to it does not mean you can’t move on to bigger and better pastures.

Create Stress Relief Outlets Throughout The Day

If you’re financially not able to quit your job, then create stress relief habits during the day. Take advantage of your lunch break and take a portion of it to relax. For example, have lunch with a friend, take a short walk, read a small portion from a book, or take a nap. Also, if possible take short 5-10 minute breaks just so you can recharge your battery and carry on with your work. Do whatever is necessary for you to stay refresh and positive in your workplace.

Be An Optimistic Influencer

If a group of you and your coworkers view a boss or a particular colleague as being toxic, then become a leader and be a bigger person in that situation. Despite the depressing circumstances your work environment inhabits, do not let your emotions get the better of you. You should desire to be a positive influence on others. This positivity will rub off on your coworkers and will add to a stable work environment. This will take a lot of discipline but can be done and your optimistic influence will brighten up the room.

You Might Be The Problem

Sometimes we don’t like to admit it to ourselves but we could be the problem. On occasion you have to ask yourself, am I doing the best I can do at my job or am I just phoning it in? Is my work environment really bad or do I start off the day with a bad attitude? There could be things that are affecting you negatively in your personal life that you could be bringing to work. If so, this is understandable, you are just human and need reminders to be balanced. So instead of pointing the finger at others, you need to be accountable for your actions.


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