Add Value to Your Home: Three Tips of Home Improvement

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As real estate markets have taken a nosedive, the appeal of selling your home has become nothing more than a dream. There is nothing indeed worse than putting your house on sale, only to receive a drastically low offer. Even then, you can agree to meet with the buyer and exchange all the details, only to have the deal amount to nothing. This frustration is the reason why most homeowners, tend to hold their property for an extended time until the real estate market shows a definite bump.

Now, you have a choice to wait for the right time to sell your house. After all, the fall of a market is usually followed by a rise. However, this could mean taking a gamble, especially if you need to sell your house as soon as possible. On the other hand, it would be beneficial if you spent this downtime making improvements to your home so that it can sell for a whole lot more than its actual worth. These improvements would also benefit you during your stay in the house and will act as bargaining chips if a buyer tries to lower the price beyond your set thresholds.

Home improvement goes a long way in adding value to an otherwise average residence. While the money needed to improve the different facets of your house will indeed come out of your pocket, the costs can be recuperated if you choose to spend that money in the right areas. With the market in an already volatile state, another similar aspect is the preference of homeowners. For a homeowner looking to make a few improvements, following and catching up with these trends can be a nightmare. Therefore, by following these three tips of home improvements, not only will you be able to add value to your home, but also imbue it with a persona that will allure prospective buyers towards it.

Modernize your home

Now, your house from the 19th or 20th century might have a lot of things that you would classify as attractive. Aged and worn aspects of your house can add a lot of time-specific value, provided you find a buyer who is looking for these features. However, these features can also give the house a dated look, making it quite unappealing for young prospective buyers. You might be thinking that in this case, your old house can never be sold unless you decide to make significant modifications. You would be right, but by modernizing your home, we don’t mean to change the entire façade of your property. Instead, by incorporating modern elements to your house, you would make it a viable option for a wide variety of buyers.

For instance, the windows that came with your home were most probably single glass panes attached to hinges. You can give these a modern upgrade by replacing them with soundproof double pane options. In addition, the light fixtures in your house can be given a revamp by replacing the incandescent bulb units with sleek modern LED ones. Another upgrade comes in the form of changing the sanitary fittings to contemporary alternatives that fit into the overall theme. Lastly, you can install new wiring, making sure to leave outlets for fiber-optic and Ethernet connections. The same rules apply for your kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms too. You need to look at your house through the perspective of the buyer and find things that require a much-needed upgrade.

 Utilize any unused spaces

Most American houses were built with an emphasis on storage space. Keeping with the time, it was considered necessary to stock groceries and household supplies for long periods. However, priorities have changed quite a lot since that moment, with residents preferring to use all spaces for their own comfort and leisure. Areas of your house such as attics, basements, barns and garages that were once used for their own practical purposes are now being looked as valuable spaces for expansion and addition of entertainment zones.

The most straightforward upgrade you can make is to turn your basement into an extension of your living room, or a standalone bedroom. A basement offers you a ton of different opportunities to customize it exactly to your specifications. Attics are especially great places to build a loft-style bedroom, which not only increases the occupancy of your home but also adds a stylish touch that is highly sought after. Barns are suitable spaces to be turned into entertainment and play areas for adults and kids alike.

Keep your house presentable

The best thing that can add value to your home is keeping it maintained. Any leaky faucets, chipping paint, rotting wood or presence of mold need to be fixed promptly to ensure a safe and healthy home which a buyer would live in peacefully. Be sure to carry out any preventative maintenance as that is immediately noticeable to buyers at first glance. The only thing a buyer wants to see in a home is care, and by keeping your house in prime condition, you will portray a trustworthy, responsible image.

The key to adding value to any home lies in making the buyer believe that they are getting more than what they paid for. By making small and large improvements to your home with the passage of time, it is possible to convert what was once a generic, unimpressive home into a designer residence. All it takes is a bit of research, and the improvement efforts practically pay for themselves.


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