Be Kind! It’s Your Environment Too

Written by: William Garriell

Environment. A simple enough word. It is the world around us. I’ve looked at numerous casual articles, Scientific journals, comments from industry leaders. At best this topic is put across as an inevitable failure of mankind. “There is no way that we can reverse all of the damage we have done to our planet as a result of our worship of the dollar”. There is an entire generation that truly feels that they have no accountability for the negative impact we are having on the environment. They feel entitled to turn a blind eye to illegal dumping, fracking, and littering because someone else will pick up after them and they don’t worry that what we don’t dispose of correctly will come back on us.

Global Warming One of the biggest problems confronting humanity. The industrial revolution has been blamed for the majority of the effects of our ozone depletion from the toxins released into the atmosphere. As we move forward with new industries we have imposed new protective regulations. This is almost a case of too little too late. While it sounds like we have the problem well in hand, we do not. Better practices need to be implemented to deal with the depletion of our ozone layer. If we continue in this same path we will lose the ozone layer completely. Humans are very adaptable creatures, but we will not survive the solar radiation that would slam into the earth without the protective layer of ozone.
The majority of scientists argue that global warming is the most important topic to address immediately. Others consider water pollution the most critical topic. It has become obvious that these two topics are so intertwined that they need to be considered one problem that needs multiple solutions. This is the air we breathe and the water we drink. If we do not come up with a solution rapidly, we could very realistically lose this planet. It and all its inhabitants will perish.

We have implemented countermeasures such as:

  • Use, reuse, and recycle
  • Moderate use of water
  • Purchase eco-friendly products

Make sure that non-recyclable is disposed of in a legal manner. (It is important for you to personally look into this as you and nobody else is responsible for your trash. Yes, you may pay a trash service to collect it every week, but you still need to know how exactly it is being treated.)
These will help with the depletion of natural resources. Global warming is already underway we need to act now to stop the devastation of our ozone.

Water is also vital to the survival of the human race. Factories continue to pollute the water. We fine them for it but the bottom line is they are making so much money that continuing to operate in spite of the fines just makes good business practice. The animal population suffers when there is too much pollution. They can sicken and die as collateral damage in this tug of war regarding what is best for everyone versus what is best for one company. On an even bigger scale, polluting our oceans impacts marine life before it comes into contact with any human. This contamination can cause any number of problems. One such problem is the genetic modification of species that we consume. We have already seen some of the consequences of high lead and mercury content. Consumers buy Tuna, Tilapia, and other fish that are used in the formation of fish sticks (a childhood favorite) are frequently contaminated with heavy metals and PCBs. Nobody wants to know that they are responsible for an illness of any kind, but unless you have safely sourced your food, you could be doing exactly that.

In defense of the ecologists, they have been vital to the regulation of toxic dumping. But more needs to be done. Aside from the floating trash islands, the use of sonar causes brain damage to many marine species. Dolphins get bombarded by sonar. This may be happening to all of the mammals that live in the sea. This could be why we have massive beaching of whales and dolphins.

Countermeasures are not working. Fines are not high enough. If that is how we are going to proceed, we need to make this punishment hurt the pocketbook. Human beings get too bored too fast and start procrastinating doing even the smallest of chores. Most people are lazy by nature and tend to put things off. By the time they get back to “Let’s get this done”, the job has turned into a major endeavor.

Available solutions:
Solar power is one alternative source of power, but even solar power is not a “ cure all” pill. Solar energy relies on a battery. If not disposed of properly, it will contaminate the environment it comes to reside in.
Wave power is a promising power alternative to fossil fuel. It uses the ocean waves to generate electricity.
Wind power is useful but does have some noise pollution that consumers do not like.

Why does it have to be you?

I would love to tell a “happily ever after” tale about environmental issues, but such a dream rarely survives past the mouth that utters it. Sadly, the average business (and consumer) believe that they cannot affect a change in a problem this big. The problem is just too big.
The reality of the situation is that only the common man can make a difference on a large scale. If we can convince people that their fate is in their own hands, we would have a reservoir of energy that could accomplish anything. There is so much that we can do as individuals.


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Be Kind! It’s Your Environment Too

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