Become A Full Time Blogger The Right Way

Written by: Lori Gracing

This topic has been written about by many so called gurus in the industry of online blogging. This article will help you prepare to become a full time blogger. If you are completely new to online blogging it could take you some time to come up with blog posts surrounding your niche. However, as time progresses your mind expands and writing becomes easier. You will need funds to hire professionals to assist you in the developing stages of your blog. If your interested in starting a blog continue reading below.

Perform Keyword Research

Believe it or not, this is a very simple task. Before finding keywords you should know which countries you plan to market your blog to. Your goal is to find keywords for your niche that have a good monthly search volume in the desired countries you want to rank in. To do this you can use a free tool called Ubersuggest.

This tool is 100% free to use and it will show you how much monthly traffic your keywords get per country. Another free tool that works great is by Just like Ubersuggest, this site allows you to enter up to 800 keywords and find the keyword volume per country. Finding keywords on your own is the best way to go about your blogging career. That way you become familiar with the process just as you would from getting trained on a job.

Paid Hosted Blog Vs Free WordPress Blog

It is necessary to mention that you get no SEO benefits from paying for hosting. You will have to grow either blog from scratch. The benefit of paying for a hosted blog is you are able to run scripts on your blog. Be sure your hosting provider supports MYSQL database. Free blogging platforms such as WordPress do not allow you to install scripts. You are limited to being able to access the HTML or CSS code of the blog to make changes.

If ads running across your blog will concern you it would be best for you to go with a paid hosted plan. WordPress runs ads across free blogs occasionally and this is because ads allow for them to offer you a free blogging platform. For newbies starting out that want to save a bit of money and use their funds for promotion don’t let a few ads stop you. WordPress has been around for a very long time and is a great platform to get started on.

Buy And Sell On Fiverr

As a newbie marketer Fiverr is a great marketplace to buy backlinks for your blog. The type of backlinks you want to get should be DA25 or higher. You can use a free tool such as to check the domain score of the backlinks you purchased. You could end up spending a lot of money on Fiverr over time because it is addicting.

Keep in mind that if you need to earn money Fiverr also allows you to sale services and earn a profit. While Fiverr is a great place to earn it hasn’t always been a great selling experience for some sellers. A gentleman that went by the name Voiceoverpete became very successful on Fiverr as a seller.

He had earned thousands of sales and because of a misunderstanding, his account was disabled and Fiverr never sent the remaining thousands of dollars left in his account. What we can learn from this gentleman is don’t get too comfortable making sales on a platform that you do not own. Fiverr is one of the fastest ways to make a buck because this site gets thousands of buyer visitors each day. While it does make sellers feel good being able to profit quickly it is an unpleasant feeling when you feel you have been denied access to the funds you have earned.

Stay Organized

It’s important to keep your work environment organized. Don’t rely on technology only to record your daily or weekly progress. Buy a notepad and manually write down ideas that come to mind. When you purchase backlinks for your blog be sure to create folders on your desktop and label the folder according to where you purchased the backlinks from or what type of backlink it is. Another thing that will help you stay organized is not getting too comfortable. This means if you sit down and use your laptop most of the time consider making some changes.

If necessary purchase a stand up desk. A stand-up desk will promote better blood circulation and mental clarity. I’m sure you have seen images of people working on the beach with their laptop. The truth is you want to be aware of your environment. If it’s very hot outside don’t risk burning your computer motherboard to prove a point, which would be I’m working from home.

Know that you control your work environment. Unlike a job that controls you, you finally have control over how many hours you choose to work. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time away from the computer and engage in meaningful activities such as working out. These types of activities will give your mind perspective on how to better go about accomplishing your projects. It has been proven that listening to other bloggers experiences help us to stay organized as well. So are you ready to start your first online blog? If you build it the right way you will have a business that lasts you a lifetime.


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Become A Full Time Blogger The Right Way

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