Best Personal Finance Tips That Work Miraculously

Written by: Amanda Price

We have come across various gossips about the money beat in recent years. There are many stories about “How I paid off my debts successfully?”, “The best decision-making behavior that helped in paying off my debts easily”, and more success stories. We have gathered the best personal finance tips to enhance our readers’ earning potential significantly:

Tracking Current Net Worth

A person’s net worth is the different between their assets and debts. It serves as the big-picture number that can reflects where they stand financially. A person can keep an eye on their net worth, helping themselves in the progress toward financial goal or even warn if they are falling back. In addition, they can set a budget for each goal in their life.

Make & follow a Financial Calendar

In case, people do not trust themselves to recall payment of their taxes each quarter or at specific period, then they can pull a credit report, and think about setting reminder for appointments in the same way they would do for visit to doctor on annual basis or car tune-up.

Moreover, people should check their interest rate. If they are confused about which loan should they pay first, then should pick the one with highest interest rate. If they are thinking about which savings account they should open, then they should consider the one with best interest rate. If a person thinks why credit card debt gives such a bad headache, then they should blame it on none other than compound interest rate.

Paying attention to interest rates can help in informing which debt or saving commitment people should focus first.

Take a Money Minute Daily

In case a person is consistently spending uselessly, then it will break them out of the rut. According to the von Tobel, Founder of LearnVest and CEO of Alexa, he swears by setting aside one minute daily, and check on her financial transactions. A 60-second act can identify the major problems instantly, keeping track of progress of goals, and setting the spending tone for the entire day.

Allocate 20% of income toward financial priorities

Financial priorities consist of debt pay off, emergency saving, and padding retirement nest egg. Does it appear to be a big percentage? A person can budget about 30 percent of their income for lifestyle spending such as outings, restaurants, movies, and more leisure activities. It covers almost everything that is not listed in the basic necessities. After following this tip, a person can save and enjoy at same time.

Create a financial vision board

A person needs motivation to adopt money saving habits, if they create a vision board, it will help them in reminding them to stay on track with the financial goals. Also, they should set financial goals by using numbers and dates rather than just simple words for describing what they want to accomplish with their money. People should think about how much debt they want to pay and when? How much money should be saved and by what date?

Embrace a spending mantra

A person should come up with a positive phrase that will work like a mini rule of thumb for spending habit. For instance, they can ask themselves “I only charge items that are $20 or more”. Above all, people should learn to love themselves. It may sound corny, but it works many times.

Achieve chunk by chunk

A study has revealed that farther a goal appears, less sure we become about its achievement, and thus we give up on it. In addition to focusing on bigger goals such as purchase of house, we should set small and short-term goals that reap rapid results. It includes saving money every week to take a trip every six months.

Keep toxic money thoughts at bay

Before a person starts to think that “I’ll never be able to pay off debt”, he sets himself up to fail. Thus, it is not good to be a fatalist, and switch to positive mantras.

Studies have shown that exercising regularly can result in higher pay as a person tends to be more productive when he has worked up a sweat. Thus, regular running sessions or lifting weights help in fueling up for financial game. In addition, all habits and discipline related to running marathons or gym are associated with managing money too.


A person should be appreciating to what he has at the moment, rather than achieving happiness by spending on more and more things. People often choose to make money buddies. They can be friends who share similar traits of saving. In this way, people can pick up their good habits including expenditure behavior.

When choosing a job, let the company say figure first

When giving a job interview, always let an employer name the figure first. Else, an applicant will never know if he is lowballing or highballing. In this way, he will be able to push them higher too. Moreover, an applicant can negotiate even more than just your salary such as work hours, official title, maternity or paternity leave, vacations, projects to work on.

Begin with small debts to pay off the bigger ones

Studies have revealed that people with even mountains of debt have been able to pay off them by starting with the little debts first. It gives them confidence to deal with the bigger ones. A person can consider paying off a modest balance on a department store card prior to something with more balance.


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Best Personal Finance Tips That Work Miraculously

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