Best Ways To Get Extra Income To Increase Your Salary

Written by: Lori Gracing

Many of us seek some extra income to even out our salaries of what we would like them to be. That being said, we look for additional work in our field or use skills others didn’t think we had. We try to get creative and see if this new skill can pull in actual money. However, you can always just opt to either work longer in your current job or find something else. There are many ways you can go about making more money if you take the time to do some research. Other people have been successful as we hear about their stories on the news or read it in an article. They seem to have figured it out how to live on one salary and go find another. Getting extra income doesn’t need to be a headache and make you worry. What you can do is make a plan of attack and face the challenges head on. Here are some of the best ways to get extra income to increase your current salary.

Online Jobs

There are several people who have figured out that they can make decent money online. Many corporations are outsourcing jobs and looking for those people who can work at home or do a few tasks at night. They have become more increasingly popular with the surge of the internet. Online jobs are great for people using the same skills that they do in their day job. Find out what online jobs match the skills you have. This makes sense because you don’t want to have to re-train yourself on a new skill. If you have that kind of time, then you really should go for it. However, a learning curve will soak of most of your time to get started and for the money to start coming in. It might not be wise to spend weeks to make an extra $50 a week or a month.


You can always try your best at investing to see what you can generate for extra income. However, this route can be a bit tricky and you do need to be careful if you are not a regular to the investing scene. Many people start off and forget about the consequences of losing their money instead of making extra money. Take the time to learn a bit about investing and soon you may see some good returns that you can add as extra income. You also want to be aware of the taxes that you’d have to pay on that income as well. Either way, when you get good at picking the right investments you will see some returns that will actually be worth all of the studying. Investing is a common way a lot of people try to get a leg up on the getting some extra money in their pockets.


Many people work in a specialized area in their job. This could be that you are either a math whiz working as an engineer or you have awesome computer skills. Why not teach someone else these skills and get paid for it? Tutoring is one of the oldest side hustles that people have done for years. There are some that actually do it full-time and make a decent salary. Find out online where you can either sign up to be a tutor either for the local schools or put an ad in the classifieds. Be specific on what you can teach so you don’t find yourself in jam trying to teach something that is a little to advance for your knowledge. When you tutor all it does is make you better at your skills and you can then start adding tutoring to your resume. Many older adults would love to have someone teach them general computers skills. Technology has advanced so fast they’ve missed out on the newest applications.

Car shares

Taxis are now people driving their own car working for a company and making money. It’s the new thing for the last couple of years and several people are bringing decent money as a driver for complete strangers. Car share businesses have taken over the market to give consumers rides to concerts, a friends house, to a meeting or home for less than $5 on some nights. You get to be your own boss and start your day whenever you want. This is a great way to make extra income after you leave your 9 to 5 day job.

Rent your car out

Another thing that has recently caught on is people renting out their cars for a fee. Depending on how far they drive, you can charge them buy the mileage. In addition to that, you can offer perks where you pick them up and drop them off after they are finished with your vehicle. Renting out your car has become another popular adventure when looking for extra cash in your wallet.

Finding extra income doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to look. Today, many people are getting creative and end up leaving their full-time jobs because their side job is bringing in so much money. Start to look for online jobs where businesses want remote staff that are at home workers. Try investing as it can bring you some sizeable income once you get the hang of it. You should never place money in an investment until you understand all risks. Tutoring is another great way to not only strengthen your skills but teach someone something new. Consider signing up to be a car share driver and use your own vehicle to bring cash. These business are now competing with one another as their popularity has soared. It’s a great way to fill time if you really find yourself not doing much on the weekend or after work. Finally, rent your car out to those that either don’t have one or just need it for a day. You can do this will all of the cars you own and make even more money.


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