How We Can Make Changes To Have A Better Government

Written by: William Garriell

The main role of the government in the world is to offer specific social security that allows people around the world to build their very own economic security. Today, the government still continues to provide public foundations at a powerful level to provide a thriving society and a worldwide competitive economy. The government is here to promote the worldwide welfare and the government completes this function successfully in various ways including observing the economy, banks, and businesses. The government preserves the postal service, roads, education systems, and various public utilities like the sewage system and water. The government also regulates the overall safety of our medicine and food. The general role of the government today is to balance individual good and to do this correctly when worldwide society is managed and lead by the main principles of justice and morality, being one nation under God.

Over many decades, society has dealt with many types of government. Throughout the ages, mankind has continued to be bothered by the same conflict of the greater goods of the community and individual rights of people. The role of the government is to basically put a equal balance between these two things, yet as of today no general political system has been able to clearly perfect this specific balance as of yet. Humans are naturally different and unique in their various ambitions and different beliefs and such differences often times create issues and drama between people and throughout society. Some believe that suppressing this strange diversity would actually erode on certain liberties and is therefore not really acceptable. Allowing each and every person in the world wild freedom is also not acceptable and would dangerously allow each and every person the unbridled freedom to do whatever he or she chooses. And this could include harming society and other people.

Totalitarianism is a specific part of a government that is completely centralized and therefore requires total subservience to the state. This specific part of government basically argues for the good of a whole at the dangerous expense of a person. Individuals today are believed to be truly selfish and that their needs and desires could possibly harm a nation and undermine the common good in the world. On the other side of things, Democracy is basically fosters and provides for the individualism that totalitarianism seems to demolish. Democracy basically states and believes that each and every man was created equal and truly have the right to go after their specific beliefs without hindrances. Democracy believes that it is overall smarter to have free, motivated individuals and in tern risk an overflow of self-interest than to break and bully their passion by suppressing individualism for the general good. Democracy by some is seen as a more powerful and much more superior form and type of government than totalitarianism is seen as.

Democracy does have a small flaw, being it’s main motivating factor is generally self-interest. Over a specific period of time, the actual values of a certain community could begin to greatly diminish and weaken under the heavyweight of thousands of individual’s needs and desires. All in all, these inconsistent and opposing interests could ultimately destroy a society’s unified passion for strong and determined achievement. Since individuals today are really bound to have all kinds of beliefs and standards, who should really set the right standards of justice and morality that should rule all people? How is it that people can truly avoid the dangerous abuse of power by government dictators and leaders? I believe that the only true government that can actually successfully stabilize a society and people’s needs and desires today is a government based on strong faith in God in Heaven. The flaw of basically all governments today in general is that they are mainly based on human standards and rules.

A government that is based on human rule and judgment is sure to have wicked prejudice and arbitrariness of individual groups or human beings. It is not man who created all people equal and gave them a system of justice and morality, it is God in Heaven alone who had created all people equal and then gave them a unique system of justice and morality. But today man has twisted what God had made perfect and it is people in government power that want to be like God, thinking they are equal to the powerful Creator when in fact we are all sinners, who need to seek God’s Salvation and Word daily so that we may be saved. God is more in control than people think He is and He loves people and forgives them when they come to Him for forgiveness. A society that really wants to be stronger and righteous must go deep and be established on ethical values and morals. Without certain righteous laws as the foundation of a government, society will either have what is called despotism or anarchy.

The main way to balance individual needs correctly is through education. For a government in the world to be dedicated and diligent to the spiritual, emotional, and physical welfare of its people it must make education it’s main goal. A government that has serious leaders who are truly serious about the important issues in the world should correctly teach individuals how to find rational solutions to different problems while correctly educating these individuals how human conduct must accompany the angelic laws and rules given to us by God. This is the only real way guaranteed that people’s rights in the world we live in can be truly preserved without jeopardizing the common good. The United States of America is a good example of a country that uses these specific principles whose founding leaders see it and declare it as “one nation under God.” There are special root beliefs that are the key formula to a country’s continuing endurance and only with God involved in it can a government really have lasting success. The government that we live in today is only a type and shadow of the type of government that people will live in as we near the future.


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