Choosing a College Major: Am I Making the Right Choice?

Written by: Peter Tollin

Deciding on a college major is not an easy task when you are a fresh entrant with no ways to calculate the outcomes of the decision you are making. So you may be a worried teen or a worried parent of a teen seemingly standing on a verge to take a life turning decision. First of all, relax because nothing is certain so is the outcome of choosing college majors so you should not take it very hard on you. But still, well-researched career choices help you save a lot of struggles of opting in and opting out of many courses later. It will also save you from years of regret that you may bump into later.

So if you are someone who is about to decide on a college major, follow the below tips to judge your choice carefully.

Go by the majors that appeal to your interests

Alright that is true that a CPA makes a lot of money or a doctor may serve people and earn well but what interests you matters a lot. You may spend a lot of money getting a college degree to land a job which you really do not like to take as a long-term career. There are many unhappy doctors who just hate their jobs. A major in accounting may make you good money but consider that only if you can sit with a laptop for hours. Your career choice must have a factor of your passion and interest.

If your college major does not spark your interest even a little you need to reconsider it before it is too late. Make sure that this is the field you will be spending your life with. Ask yourself if you are willing to take the stress and other factors inherited with the college major of your choice? If your answer to these questions is yes then you may proceed further with your research to reach a final decision.

Research the Future and Employability of Your College Major

Owing to the fast-paced technological progress you must consider where does your college major stand in the coming years? Your choice of today’s decision must be based on the evaluations projected in the coming years. You must not decide your career based on today’s market conditions and demands. In fact, study the chances of your major market value and employability after few years. You must come up with a proactive approach, not a reactive approach. While considering employability, if earning through a degree is your concern, consider the mean salaries of graduates with similar degrees. You can study the salaries trend over time to analyze where you are going with the choice of that particular degree. Compare the employability and return of the degree with the required investment you are going to make for getting your college degree.

Consult Others

It is better to consult relevant people. You may talk to an alumnus of your college. This way you will get the most honest analysis of market conditions of fresh graduates and job market entrants. You will have a good idea of the struggles of searching for jobs with those college majors. You may also consult a career advisor for professional well-researched advice. Besides, you may chat with your parents and friends about your choice of subjects. Your parents and friends know you as a person they can provide you great advice on whether you can make that career a part of your life for the long term or not. The decision is up to you but listening to others might give you vital insights that you otherwise may not consider.

Consider the possibility and pre-requisites of switching majors

You must take into account the options and pre-requisites of switching the majors while proceeding with the checklist of the selection process. You must not close all the doors behind you nor should you leave the other options with no or little research. It is true that all of us are blinded by our perceptions in almost all the points of life. You have limited knowledge and perception of things when you pass out of high school. You may be someone like my past self; super excited about becoming a doctor or a lawyer but later exposure to different subjects opened a whole new world. The coming years will show you the options and choices you never knew existed, so it is better that you consider and study the option of switching the majors beforehand as well. Also, you must know what pre-requisite you are going to run into if, for example, you changed your college major.

Consider your Finances

Yet a crucial analysis you need to perform is of your financial needs for your college majors. Consider carefully if are able to pay for the major of your choice. There are many options available to help you with your financial need for education. You may apply for a scholarship or even a student loan but whatever choice you make must be well researched. You should also carry out a cost-benefit analysis of the investment required to the returns you are expected to get.

College is an amazing experience in life. You will have the time of your life so you need to make the right choice of college major as well so that you do not waste a single minute of your college life thinking that you made a wrong choice. The tips above, if followed carefully, will help to choose a regret proof major. Good luck with your upcoming experience.


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