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Written by: William Garriell


With maintaining a healthy life style and taking a proactive approach to the problem getting a health insurance is something crucial. Finding a right health insurance for you and your family can turn out to be a hard labor. You need to decide so many things based on the knowledge you do not have any background of. Getting a group insurance or opting for a personal insurance need detailed study of both the plans. On top of it there are so many jargons and terminologies involved in the paper work which you are not familiar with.

 Need of insurance

If you are a healthy person and seldom see hospital then you might not want to buy a health insurance. Health care and medical bills are expensive so is health insurance and you might prefer not falling for it. It is yet another payment in the long list of bills you might be trying hard to control. But the whole scenario can turn upside down if you get seriously ill even for a short period of time.


Medical emergencies can leave you to the point of bankruptcy. If you or your family member or a friend ever had a medical emergency in past you can imagine the crippling amount of debt one gets into. Your healthy life style is an appreciative step but a sudden slip of foot on kitchen floor is enough to get you under the debt of thousands of dollars. You may become unable to walk and go to work that may leave you broke and helpless.


Early treatment is yet another benefit of having a health insurance plan. If you ever happen to get into a small accident at road you might not get early treatment. Health insurance basically caters your need of preventive care and early treatment.

 Choosing an insurance plan

The most important factor for your consideration is the sum of money your health insurance covers. Besides, there are other factors to base your consideration and move forward with the process. We have compiled a list for you to go through when selecting an insurance policy for you and your family. If you are not sure about getting a health insurance ask yourself following questions to decide your options to go with.


  • What is your Health Condition?

Your health insurance is also based on the risk associated with your health. People take post retirement insurance plans because wit age their risk of falling ill increases. People with health issues usually take insurance plans for they know they have to visit doctors and in absence of health insurance their finances would go down the drain. People involved in sports activities, like professional athletes, etc. take health insurance plans. Similarly you need to assess your health risk and decide what sort of health insurance you may need and how much insurance cover you need for you.


  • Does your work has an option for health insurance?

Consider if your employer is ready to provide you with a health insurance as a part of your compensation package. Consider the health care and health insurance options provided by the state even some group insurances provided by different organizations. Study what suits you the best according to your health condition and the cost you are going to incur.


  • Are you financially stable?

You may be seeing a doctor frequently because of your health condition so you must acquire an option that helps you pay lesser medical bills. In that case a health insurance with a low to average premium is an option for you. If you are a healthy person who visits a doctor occasionally, say once a year you may still opt for an insurance to save you from unforeseen health accidents. In the latter case you may opt for an insurance with low premiums.

You may study the details of insurance plans and find something that fits your need. When you are done finding plans matching your needs then you may proceed to analyze these plans on the basis of cost find a least expensive or the cheapest plan given your health necessities.





  • Did you consult an Expert?

You must do your homework and study the options by yourself to avoid being bank over the issue. Also, you must talk to an expert to help you out. There are technicalities involved which you might not understand at first. A consultant may help to get the best possible option.


Things you must understand when getting your insurance plan

Process of claims: a plan with higher settlement ratio is the one to prefer.

 Co-payment options: under this option a percentage of claim is decided in the agreement that insurance holder is bound to pay.

 Day care option: a plan with more day care for better treatment is the one you should prefer

 Network of the hospitals: you should know the hospital in your insurance policy network and also see what facilities those hospitals provide.

 Pre and post period of hospitalization: you should also see if and to what extent you’re your insurance plans cover these expenses.

 Maternity aids: if you are a mom to be consider how your insurance policy facilitates your pregnancy.

 Medical examinations: see if you are entitled to free medical examinations by your insurance policy.

 Renewal period: you should consider the renewal period for your insurance and consider a plan accordingly.


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Find The Right Health Insurance

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