Get a Coupon and Start Saving Money!

Written by: Lori Gracing

Have you ever been looking through the newspaper and you come across the grocery advertisements? If you have, you will know the grocery ads are the ones that advertise your basic necessities such as dish soap, toilet paper, and hamburger meat. If you are like me, you will skim over them blissfully and avert your eyes to the coupon section. The coupons, in my opinion, are basically like free money for groceries. They are completely random sometimes offering a mere fifty cents off of a product and other times offering two or even three dollars off of a purchase.

Coupons can be found for almost anything from your basic jug of milk to a pound of avocados. They can also be found for cereal, toilet paper, and every possible meat you could think of. Coupons used to be limited to being found in your daily local newspaper, but with the new digital era that is upon us, you can now find coupons almost anywhere. There are websites on the internet dedicated to giving shoppers coupons for almost any product they can think of. The coupons you find are usually printable and convenient with some even having barcodes on them for your local cashier to scan directly. With the cost of living being so high in this day and age, coupons provide customers a way to keep some money in their pockets. They allow consumers to save money on their grocery or supply bill. By doing so, it possibly helps them stick to their budget and add to their savings account.

Coupons originated in the 1800s. A man named Asa Chandler is responsible for the very first coupon and for the name he assigned which means “to cut” in French. He created the first one as a marketing scheme and the rest is history. During the Great Depression, coupons were especially popular helping families save money and by doing so, making a significant impact on the weakening economy. Coupons have since taken the world by storm and most people will jump at the chance to save a little money even if it is just a few pennies. Couponing is so popular it even has its own month which is in September. This hobby earned its own month by proving it can save a single consumer over $10,000 a year. That’s a lot of money in your pocket! It’s no wonder why it has risen in popularity.

Couponing can also be relaxing and a great way to spend your day. You can teach your friends and family about budgeting and the worth of coupons. Some people are skeptical about the worth of a piece of paper that takes 50 cents off of a pound of hamburger meat. Meet that skepticism with knowledge! You could start by getting the Sunday paper where coupons of the week are most popular. You could then search for the best deals advertised together and cut them out. Take a trip to the grocery store and show your family and friends how much money you save on the items you found coupons for. Put the money that you saved in your account and show them the math. Everything adds up in today’s world.

Coupons are more than just pieces of paper designed to save a few cents. They stimulate the economy and help families. They can be metaphorical lifesavers in some situations where a person needs to buy a certain item and they don’t have enough money. Coupons can help lower the cost of the item making it possible for the person to afford what they need. There are also people who get into the habit of extreme couponing. They will download all of the coupon apps, get multiple Sunday papers delivered to their house, and spend the day cutting and clipping out all of the coupons advertised. They will watch diligently for sales and use multiple coupons on top of them essentially getting a double discount. These savvy shoppers have usually really done their homework and are the ones saving the most money on a daily basis. If couponing sounds like something you might be interested in there are all kinds of web articles and even books to get you started. There are even experts on the subject who are known for living frugal and basing their lives around saving money. These people usually know the best techniques when it comes to spending money and are the best source of knowledge if you really want to delve into the world of couponing.

In reality it doesn’t sound like something that would be too extremely difficult, but as stated before there are techniques and there are strategies these people know that change the whole game of couponing. For example , there are groups on the Internet you can join that are dedicated to the craft and will trade coupons with you and even give you helpful advice if you so choose. Be wary of people sometimes who will try to send you expired coupons or photoshopped advertisements. If you come across an expired coupon, try to save it and donate it to a military family. Generally, an expired coupon will be accepted from a military personnel for months after the expiration date.

Couponing has been around for a long time and shows no sign of going away anytime soon. Every day, shoppers are finding new ways to save money and stretch their coupons further. Added into your daily budget, they can be a sure money saver. Try it today and see for yourself how much money you end up saving! You surely have nothing to lose. Next year, your bank account and your family might just be thanking you!


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Get a Coupon and Start Saving Money!

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