How Technology Can Make Your Home Safer

Written by: William Garriell

Technology is touching nearly every facet of home living, but did you know that technology can make your home safer, make things infinitely easier in the kitchen and save you money? You can bet your iPhone on it. There are so many advancements concerning home technology that it’s hard to know where to start, but here goes:

SmartLocks and Remote Door Answering

Front door theft goes on at an alarming rate. To get into most homes, whether they are dead-bolted or not, a surprising 77 percent of burglars simply use a crow-bar, and walk in your front door in broad daylight.

The modus operandi of most burglars is to:

1. Go to the front door and ring the doorbell a few times.

2. If nobody answers, then crowbar the front door open, then grab whatever is in plain sight.

A typical burglar is in the house and out in less than five minutes. One way to counteract this is to have a doorbell monitoring service such as Ring.

If you are not home and somebody rings your front door, a Ring monitor will alert you on your smartphone that someone is ringing the front door, show you through a video camera who it is, and then allow you to speak to the burglar, saying something clever like, “Thanks for stopping bye. I see you on camera, now leave immediately before I call the police

Front door monitors are also very useful in foiling package thieves, gangs of people who drive around looking for packages left at the front door by UPS or Amazon.

Package theft is a multi-million dollar enterprise which occurs in both small and large cities, and it can be stopped dead in its tracts with a WiFi enabled device such as Ring. And the cameras on the front door replace the traditional peephole as well. You can view who’s at the front door while deep inside the house.

A related item is a smartlock on your front door. These smartlock’s enable you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your house from anywhere, making it an essential for
visiting nurses aids and helpers, children coming home from school, and the occasional
relative visiting.

Smartlocks’s will also alert you of people entering and leaving the house, so you can alert the police and catch thieves in minutes, rather than hours.

Smart kitchens to make life easy and save money

By far, the most innovate use of technology is in the kitchen. Ultra-modern homes now have devices such as smart refrigerators that will scan your grocery bill, and keep track of every item you put into it.

Smart refrigerators will then alert you if any item is getting low, as well as to alert you of any items that are potentially going bad or are soon to expire.

Most smart refrigerators come with video cameras inside, so if you are thinking of making spaghetti for dinner and wonder whether you need to stop off the store to pick up a jar of spaghetti sauce, you can look into your refrigerator from work. You’ll never be guessing again.

And the beautiful thing about having a smart refrigerator is that most come with a built in music player, and there are several brands that offer TV mirroring, so that
if the big game is playing in the living room but you are stuck preparing food in the kitchen, you won’t miss a single moment of play.

Besides convenience, the main benefit of having a smart refrigerator, is that it will
save you unnecessary trips to the grocery store, and save you money as you avoid food spoiling or going beyond the expiration date.

Think that a smart refrigerator is the end of a smart kitchen? Think again. There are smart ovens that will pre-heat via home WiFi, smart dishwashers that you can turn on and off at your leisure via your smart phone, and if you don’t feel alive until you’ve had your first cup of Joe in the morning, coffee makers that also start brewing coffee
with the flick of your smartphone.

Electronic Pet Entry Doors

Believe it or not, Your Collie, German Sheppard or Maine Coone cat can get into the act of protecting your home while going in and out of the house with ease.

Electronic pet doors are the latest household trend to protect your home from burglars, who, contrary to popular belief, are not all Six foot and 200 lbs. Many thieves gain easy access by sliding through pet doors.

With an electronic pet door, your cat or dog wears a special collar that automatically unlocks the pet door when pet comes to it, but promptly locks it again when the animal has either gone out, or returned to your home safe and sound.

Reclining and pressure controlled beds

No part of the house is more essential to your health than a good bed. However, few of us sleep the same. Some like a harder surface, while some like to sleep in comfort. And many prefer a reclining bed. And wonder of wonders, for couples who constantly fight over the thermostat because one is too hot and the other is too cold, there are now bed warmers/bed coolers that can cool one side of the bed within 30 seconds at a temperature of around 70, while the other partner can be toasty warm in 90 degree comfort.


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How Technology Can Make Your Home Safer

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