How To Break No Experience Trap For Your First Job

Written by: Amanda Price

You must have seen a lot of comedy sketches of no experience no job vicious trap. If you are looking for your first job you must have a strong idea that it is a cob-web. It is usual that your effort leads to Second Square from the first square but then again you are pushed back to the square one. You need the experience to get a job but, of course, you need a job to get experience. There are very few or no organizations in the market that are interested in training young graduates for the job market. In fact, many people at that point think that they made a wrong choice while choosing college majors but that is not the case. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Employers are seeking options to reduce their expenses every day. With new technology and increasing financial crisis, employers are in a better position to bargain. But there are a few things you can do to improve your self-presentation and enhancing your chances of getting selected. The most important and yet the most difficult task to get through is to stand out of the crowd. You need to stand out through your qualifications or any other skill to improve your chances. We have studied the market patterns for you to give you tips and tricks to land at your desired job.

File Unsolicited Applications: you are not required to wait for a suitable vacancy in an organization to put forward your job application. You should try sending unsolicited applications to different organizations. Organizations’ structure differ in hierarchy and administrative procedure. You may be required to wait for a job opening in a multinational corporation but for a small software house or an accounting firm, you can send an unsolicited application. You can even show up at these organizations for a walk-in-interview. Sometimes the small firms and their employers like this attitude of standing up to your need so you may land a job then and there.

Get through the interview confidently: the first and most important tip is to make leave a compelling image of you on your employer’s mind. The world has changed a lot, merely your degree and your academic grades are not going to get you anywhere. It is the “people skill” that matters. Your communication skills and how you sell yourself can get many jobs. You must have a convincing persuasive approach. You can relate the interviews, to a great extent, to dating. You want to leave an impression on the next person. But at the same time, you are worried and scared of getting rejected. Think of how you style yourself and communicate to leave a lasting impression. The same goes for an interview you got to show what you can add to the organization.

Another useful tip here is to compose yourself well for the interview. Your bad mood for any reason or lack of confidence must not shadow your skill and ability presentation. So wear your best outfit, stay confident and persuade the employer of your skill and you are good to go.

Follow Up: If you do not hear back from the jobs you applied you should not hesitate to drop an email for follow up. This is not frowned upon, you must step forward and be pro-active in getting your first job. This is a tip many motivational speakers and self-help help gurus emphasize a lot.

Show Flexibility: This is another important tip to help you stand out among all other applicants. You are an entry-level applicant so you must not expect a mid-career level position. Your willingness to take responsibility depicts much of what an employer is looking for. For a starter, all you need is to get into an organization. You may just be filing documents at work but still, it will help you make your way up to a proper job in that organization. When you are inside an organization then you are in a position to fill up a suitable vacancy. All you need to do is to show the agreeability to take the position or the entry-level job that you otherwise think you are overqualified for.

Use your University Projects as Experience for your entry-level job: you must have participated in different academic projects. Besides, you also have taken part in extracurricular activities like a sports club, debate clubs or you might have organized different seminars and events. Translate these activities as initial work experience as these depict your team playing skill, your time management, leadership and organization skill.

Show Zeal: the most important quality to be expected of a young entrant is enthusiasm. So you must join the job market with an enthusiastic approach. You must be a go-getter. For an entrant, you must be excited about your job and new experiences. As a young person, you should not behave like a one who is tired of the decades of the same job. This zeal is reflected by your body language and this attracts employers and convinces the employer of your ability and willingness to perform the task.

If you are a job market entrant and you follow these tips your employability chances are going to multiply. Just have a positive attitude and follow these tips and you will be amazed by the results you get.


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How To Break No Experience Trap For Your First Job

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