How To Create A Wind Turbine To Capture The Wind’s Power

Written by: Peter Tollin

Men have found ways to harness the wind from the beginning of history. The most notable examples of capturing wind are used for boats and pumping water from the ground. The first civilization which was able to capture the power of the wind were the Mesopotamians circa 5500 BCE.

Who were some of the first men to capture the use of the wind?

Many different civilizations began using the wind around the same time. There have been illustrations of sails mounted on boats from that date. The Polynesians were able to capture the wave patterns in which they depended to get from one location in the Polynesian islands to the next and laid down routes that others could use by forming them thru models of sticks. Capturing the power of the wind has always been something that humanity has been able to understand quite easily to use as a tool to survive on the earth.

Could our ancestors channel the wind that was caught with sails?

For example, by using simple canopies or multiple canopies attached to a mast navigators have been able to use other tools to help direct their capture the wind to use to power the floating vessel. By using rudders and oars mean have not only captured the wind but realized that by propelling the boat along the way of the wind, the ship could be moved forward in the same direction. A significant invention of man to help maneuver the wind was the rudder. The rudder of the boat is similar to the part of the wind turbine called its tail since it serves the same purpose of the rudder. While the runner of a boat helps to move the ship in the direction of the wind, so does the tail of the wind turbine turn the bladed or rotors of the wind turbine in the course of the wind. Just as the sail of the boat captures the wind that blows above the water, so did the blades of the wind turbine helps to achieve the force of the wind which was transferred into electrical power by the rotor of the wind turbine.

Why did it take so many years before the wind turbine invented after the sail was being used?

Many stages of mechanical development needed to be developed before the use of electrical power could be used to harness the same wind. For example, electricity would take another 6500 years before it would be harnessed for use.

What has allowed us to capture the power of the wind thru wind turbines?

Just as the heating of coal in a locomotive has allowed us to capture the heat of the fire to use to propel the train down the track, so has the electrical turbine engine allowed humanity to achieve the power of the winds force present in the wind that blows across the turbine blades.

Can the wind’s power produce enough power to be of practical use?

Today the United States and China are the two countries that use turbine or wind turbines to capture the power of the wind. China is the most massive user fo wind turbines at about 23% of the words’ use, and the USA is the second-highest user of turbine power. The earth itself has about 10 million mW of raw wind power, which many countries use yearly to power their machines, homes, and plants.

How costly is it to build a wind turbine?

The prices of building a wind turbine are relatively high for large turbines, but for smaller uses, it is less expensive. FOr example, a small wind turbine for capturing enough wind power to run a home for a month, which would be around 250kW/month or 10K kW / year would average about $1.2-1.8/kW. To install a small turbine engine, a tower and rotor for use on a small farm for drawing water out of the ground would be much less expensive, require less kW of power and need only a tiny rotor swept to the ability to generate. In a very wide price range, a small home is looking to invest between $1200-3500 onshore. An offshore wind turbine is usually twice as much, though the amount of wind to capture is generally more accessible as sailing and yachting have historically shown.

Is it expensive to create a wind vein to generate power for a home?

As mentioned above a wind turbine is not as expensive to build when only a small amount of power is sought, but the savings form electrical power usually saves a family from 10-25% of their electrical power. If a family combines the harnessing of wind power and solar power, that is, Go Green technology, then electrical bills can almost be cut in half from traditional use.

Can different green technologies be combined in the modern home?

Yes, Millenials have become very ingenious about how to combine all the latest green technologies to generate the energy they need to operate their homes. Some use only solar power, while the trend is growing toward combining different green technologies to go completely green and sustainable in the modern home. It is projected that as more and more Millenials begin renovating their homes for green technologies the prices of these technologies will drop. Already some companies are developing solar panels which fit into the glass pane of the house which is never actually seen. Perhaps other startups will find ways to bring the power turbine more into the range of the homeowner, too.

Can wind power be stored for later use?

Yes, once energy is captured, it can also be stored for later use. Just as solar energy can be stored in batteries for later use, so is wind power once converted can be stored for later use. Overall the more efficient wind turbines will be useful to the homeowner who has access to enough wind to justify having a wind turbine. IF you live in a place which has more dust and humidity than wind, it may not be profitable or practical to run generators that require large amounts of electricity.


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