How to Get Business Loan Approved Successfully

Written by: Peter Tollin


A business loan with good terms has become a rare commodity for many companies. Businesses tend to get loan to cater to wide-ranging financial requirements and bear operation costs. However, receiving a long with bad terms and conditions can put a business at destruction rather than expanding. Having said, business should opt for the most reasonable plans to meet its requirements without getting bankrupt.


Considering the increasing number of lenders and businesses, obtaining a loan has become significantly difficult. In this article, we will reveal the best tips to consider and get business loan approved successfully:


Perform an In-depth Research

Obtaining a business loan can be easy or difficult, depending highly on the type of financing a business wants. Type of lender plays a key role in achieving a business loan. An entire process can take about one to three months from application to funding. Instead of waiting until the last moment, a business should identify its future needs and apply before need becomes essential.

Moreover, a business should know about the most of the credit options available to choose the best among all. Interestingly, interest rate among different business loans varies greatly along with their terms and conditions. Discovering all the financing options allows a business to make best decisions that lead to successful growth of a business.

 Look for Best Interest Rate

Interest rate plays a key role in a loan. To get the most reasonable interest rate and pay lowest amortizations and fees, a business owner must look for lenders offering lowest interest rate. On top, business owners should remember that every penny spent on interest can be spend on business requirements or collected as profit.


Legitimate Usage

A business should come up with a legitimate use to borrow money. Above all, it should not apply for a loan just for the sake of borrowing. Since lenders try to sell loan as a product, it comes with a cost. The pay back may hinder the business cash flows, giving way to debt financing.


Moreover, business should consider all the unforeseen expenses that may arise in the business operations. A business owner will simply do not want to receive loan amount that they find insufficient soon after receiving. Applying loan again may charge more and take time, leading to a great loss to business.


A business should see beyond the region. Though it may seem convenient to walk into a bank located locally and apply for conventional bank loan. However, these small banks often have a low acceptance rate of about twenty to forty percent. Looking for banks located outside of your location may provide you with a loan successfully at a significantly lower interest rate.

 Industry Specific Lenders

Many times, lender tends to support specific businesses. A business owner can look for such lenders. It may require finding and searching across the city or state of a business. Moreover, every lender follows particular criteria for eligibility. Some lenders consider business activities, while others prefer credit history. Various lenders focus on future cash flow and profitability of a business, but nearly every lender is concerned about ability to repay loan easily. A business should ensure that it would pay loan amount completely within the prescribed time.


Pick Conventional Options

Convectional options often offer the best interest rate, terms and conditions, fees, amortization and fees. Obtaining a business loan from a credit union can save a person from massive interest. Considering the extended terms, a borrower pays less in the short-term loan options. Once a business tries to get a loan, but find itself locked into conventional bank rate financing, then alternate loan can come into handy. Since various loans have come into big picture that work as midpoint between a loan and higher interest advance.


The terms, conditions, and rates often appear same with rates falling between 8 to 25 percent and along with a duration from 2 to 5 years.

Cash Advance

This type of business financing should only be considered when other funding options are unsuccessful to achieve. Since cash advance loans have individual appeal as they require fewer documents and low credit score than conventional financing, these loans can provide fund in a shorter duration than the traditional lenders. The payback amount for cash advance is often too high.


Customers can also consider the SBA enhanced loans. The Small Business Administration guarantees these loans, offering reasonable rates and restructuring options. These loans aim to encourage lenders, serving as a source of financing to small businesses that cannot get a bank loan without SBA guaranteed portion.



You might be looking for a loan, but you should consider leasing option too. Instead of purchasing an equipment and risking payment defaulter on machinery that will soon become outdated before the payment ends, business can choose to lease an equipment or machinery, avoiding the upfront capital costs required to acquire an equipment.


Moreover, a business should stay current on commercial real estate mortgage. Mortgage information is essential for many business loans, particularly when looking to consolidate mortgage debts. However, such information is not required for commercial loans, but every loan types. A lender wants to ensure that a borrower stays current with existing mortgage prior to offering financing.


These tips will help businesses in negotiating applying for a loan. In addition, businesses who are denied to get a loan can consider these tips to receive funding and expand their business.


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How to Get Business Loan Approved Successfully

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