How To Shop On A Budget And Still Have Fun

Written by: Amanda Price

Following a budget does not necessarily mean that you are poor or broke. In fact, you should be wise with your spending habits. Planning is important in life whether it is about taking a job or going to the nearby grocery store. You would be surprised how much money, time and energy you can save by just wisely planning your shopping trip. Shopping would be the least trouble if it is planned. The following are some tips that will help you align your finances and your shopping needs.

Make a list

It is a wise decision to make a list beforehand to decide what you are looking for. Check your fridge to make sure what you need is on your list. This will help you avoid any confusion about making a contingent decision standing in front of a shelf at a store. Check your kitchen and fridge and make a list of grocery items. Go through your cupboard to see if u need a new dress. It happens many times that people buy clothes but fail to manage those clothes to mix and match with different looks. It ends up in a famous dialogue as known as “I have nothing to wear”.

You have to avoid I have nothing to wear syndrome. Now we are not saying that you should not present yourself well but instead use all the clothes you buy. Manage your clothes the way that you can style yourself in a versatile manner. This will help you avoid the temptation of sapping your card right away when you see a new dress.

While making a list of food items you can ask for help from your family members before hitting the shopping store. This is a good way to analyze whether you are on track. It will help you avoid getting off the track and buy a list of unnecessary unhealthy snacks. For your cloth shopping, you may get help from a friend. Everyone has that one friend who manages looks great in every outfit. Ask them for help. It is more about managing your wardrobe than looks.

Plan your shopping

Time your shopping beforehand. Look for the discount seasons like the back to school discount, the holiday shopping seasons and other occasional or promotional discounts. You can easily find a good deal in this discount that will save you a good sum of money.

Use discount vouchers and cards

Always use the discount vouchers. Discount vouchers and coupons can save you a few dollars. Whether you have digital discount cards on your phone or a printed one, go ahead and use them. What else are discount vouchers made for? Discount vouchers are very common for services like spas and hair salons. Do use your discount hair cut voucher if you want a haircut. Promotional deals can save you money and provide a good experience. It is for their business’ promotion, then why not use it.

Avoid temptations

Temptations drain your wallet before you even realize. That ad of a cheesy pizza, fine dress, the sight of a tempting cake may overshadow all your calculated approach. Still, you must not get tempted every time you come across a bakery or a clothing store. You may waste hundreds of dollars like this, that too on unhealthy choices.

Spend less on gifts

Only expensive gifts do not mean love and friendship. Spend moderately on gifts. You can gift DIY items to your friends and loved ones. In fact, DIY items are super cool. These items show a personal interest and bonding you share with the person. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift you think is worth your love and friendship.

Avoid super markets choose local grocery instead

Supermarkets are designed in a way that compels you to buy more than what you need. A good sum of money is spent on the research and design of these stores that make you keep on purchasing and even buy things that you had no previous desire or intention to buy. Instead, go to your local grocery stores. You would not have to choose among hundreds of options which will make you less confused in your purchasing decisions. You will have less purchasing temptations there. It will also be close to your home so you save time there as well.

Compare prices

You can take help of different apps and website that offer you a great comparison of prices. This is specifically useful when you are buying items like electronics and expensive gadgets. You don’t have to move to different stores for price comparison.

Be careful with the subscriptions

Be very careful when signing up for a subscription for magazines, clothing, make-up, snack even protein bars, and herbal teas. Be specific whether you really need these things or you are just getting taken away by the great marketing skill of these products.

Don’t buy soda and water

The list is not exclusive and you can make wise money centered decision but this point is an essential one. You must not grab soda on your way to any place. It is a waste of money and on top of everything, it is a health disaster. You are responsible for your health. Stop wasting money on sodas.


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How To Shop On A Budget And Still Have Fun

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