How Your Indoor Environment Might Be Taking Away Your Savings

Written by: Amanda Price

A decent indoor environment is necessary for the mental, physical and emotional stability of a person. It is as important as the outdoor environment and sometimes may be more than it. The lifestyle we have today requires us to stay in these building whether offices, home, gym, shopping malls forms a major part of the day. A healthy and well-maintained environment is crucial for residents to live a healthy life. In contrast to it, an unhealthy indoor environment deteriorates the mental, physical and emotional state of people. Many studies show that different health disorders are caused by this building. It is causing you bills of your doctor visits and the medicine you have to take regularly to sustain.

Start observing the environment around you. There is dust deposited in the fixtures on the wall whether it’s your office’s conference room, café or your home. You want to spend more time in calm indoors. But these indoor needs to have the proper lighting system, ventilation, and design helping evacuation in the time of emergency. It affects your performance in the workplace causing you the loss of promotion that you could achieve otherwise.

The sign of an unhealthy indoors include extreme temperature spots within the indoor, humid environment, least or no passage of air, Indoor odor, etc. if these conditions remain persistent it can increase delayed cognitive responses, cancer risk, respiratory issues, skin allergies, cardiovascular diseases. All this is a huge financial loss for you.

Buying a house

While buying or renting a house you may be thinking of saving money by moving in a building that seems to be dark inside during the day. There is no proper passage for light to pass. There may be some ventilation issues as well in the house you are considering to move in to save a few dollars. But you have to consider the implied cost which is going to add into your bills. Any of the very obvious and inevitable effects would be skin allergies and mental exhaustion before you develop risk for any major health issue. You should start imagining the list of expenses piling up. Take out a note pad and start adding the cost that is most expected to make ways to you through the doctor visits. The cost that you may not consider is the cost of stress and anxiety. That will eventually deteriorate your mental health which is yet another addition to your medical bills. If you do not have medical insurance then it can be a huge problem for you.

Evidence from studies

To have an idea of the severity of the issue, let us get you an idea of cost from a macro point of view. A study was performed on 6000 offices in the US to consider the cost of sick buildings and their effects on employee productivity. The cost of employee productivity was considered in terms of absenteeism and loss of morale. The study covered a period of five years. The study determined that the cost of people’s productivity was 13:1 times higher than the cost of facilitation. The studies also compared the salaries with the cost of maintenance of the office space which proved that the small improvement in the office interior has a huge effect on employees’ performance. Another study shows that in an office of only ten people the annual cost of loss of productivity is $18,701.

Food for thought

You can have a good idea now that how a building you live in, can affect your life. If it is your office then you are likely to have more number of absentees. It will cause you a salary cut. You are less likely to get promoted. If you do not feel happy and mentally healthy you are likely to start smoking or drinking and damage your health. If it is your home still you are going to face same consequences.

If it is a house you are going to buy, do not buy it. Wait for a while. Save some more and buy a house that does not add up to your medical bills or get you fired from your job. Here, the money saving tip is to spend few extra bucks and rent a house that has proper ventilation and is in order with the healthy building standard. You may not notice these health factors in the beginning but these will have very detrimental effects later. You will never want to spend a good portion of your retirement balance on your health expenses. In fact, you should be travelling around the world with your retirement money.

If you are living with your family, the unhealthy building will multiply these expenses. Not only you, but your family members too, are prone to these health issues. Besides that, an unhealthy building will add up to your utility bills. You will use more power for proper lightening inside your house even during the day. You will consume more power to maintain a sound heating and cooling temperature inside. This combined is more than the difference that you will pay as rent in a healthy building.

If it is your office building that may cause you sick building syndrome, we suggest that you try switching your job. This is again a money saving tip. A sick office building will never let you work to your full potential so you are less likely to grow. It is better that you find some time and start looking for jobs.


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