Human Population is the Main Cause for the Climate Issues

Written by: Cash101 Staff

The world around us is in chaos as we continue to do nothing to stop this from happening. We use so much fuel that turns to carbon emission (Green House Gases), and that in turn becomes part of our air that we breathe. The changing environment is happening because of our influence. It has taken a toll on our environment, and if we don’t change it soon, then more things will continue to get worse.

Fossil Fuels & Human’s Part in It

Let’s start with what is causing our climate to change. Well, humans are the sole reason that these emissions are happening. Not just because of their fossil fuel consumption, but with the trash heaps that litter the land and the oceans. On top of this, another thing that is making the environment worse is plastic use. Plastic is found at the bottom of the deepest part of the oceans. This plastic causes the marine life to choke and die, and when we catch fish with plastic inside them, cook it and eat it, we could choke too. Plastic is bad for the environment, and the only solution to it is to recycle. Now, let’s move on to the trash heaps. They are causing the earth to become uninhabitable, and the smell is awful. These heaps are taking up way too much space on our planet, and it’s not going anywhere, it’ll continue to grow larger. Okay, now the main reason our climate is changing. The number one reason that our climate is changing is because of carbon emissions. This is fossil fuel and can be used in a variety of ways including gas cars, diesel trucks, factories, boats, and anything that uses or emits fossil fuels. Humans have built large factories that operate machinery that only works when it’s powered by gas. Ever wonder why factories have large smokestacks coming out of them? The reason is to expend fossil fuels just like a car exhaust. These factories generate the majority of carbon emissions. However, there are billions of people in the world that drive cars who expend enough carbon emissions to compete with factories. Little by little, people are eating away at the environment. It will get to a point where the smog will be too thick to see, and our earth will be uninhabitable, and we won’t be able to breathe the air.

What Does This do to the Environment?

The gas emissions that are pouring out of our cars and our factories are polluting the air. This will mean that the air will be unbreathable in the future, and if we don’t put a stop to it now, we will continue to have issues sooner rather than later. Our skies are less visible than they were 20 years ago, back then there were more stars in the sky than there are today, and more starts 40 years ago than there were 20 years ago. The point is that these greenhouse gases that we emit from everywhere are creating a forcefield within our planet. However, instead of keeping things out, it keeps the gases in. We can see fewer stars in the night’s sky today because our air has been polluted by these emissions. Now, that’s just one thing that is caused by carbon emissions. Another thing that these greenhouse gases do is trap the air in the earth, not allowing for the heat or cold to escape. This is creating hotter summers, which in turn cause stronger tropical storms and make them more severe. This has also created more wildfires, home destruction, and plant life being burnt. This means no plants no oxygen, no air to breathe. A study done this year shows that this is the lowest oxygen levels that the planet has had in its life span. It’s only getting worse. The winters are also colder leading to crops not being grown in the south as the south has also gotten increasingly colder. This will make it hard for farmers who already struggle to produce during the winter and summer. This will eventually lead to famine if nothing is done soon. These issues are serious and nothing to scoff at, and we keep saying our generation will never see these issues, but if we have children, they will have to go through it as well.

Solutions for This Issue

The solution is to simply cut down on the fuel consumption. We can do this by taking a carpool to work or school, and that will allow us to cut down on fossil fuel. Another great option is to stay away from gas cars altogether. There isn’t an alternative option for driving heavy-duty trucks, but for cars, there is an energy-efficient option. They have full electric cars, and they have hybrids that take both gas and electric. However, the Tesla vehicles are great to drive, as they are as efficiently driven like normal cars and don’t lose anything in comparison to fuel cars. Another great thing to help cut down on pollution is to recycle. Recycling ensures that not only will it be used again, but it will not become trash, or be thrown into the air for our wildlife and marine-life to ingest. Also, cutting down on plastic straws and bags is a good option too.

The only thing we can do now is to hope that we haven’t created too much havoc in our environment, and that change will help us to become a less destructive species. Our earth won’t last forever, and we are destroying it little by little every day. We need to cut down on our fuel emissions and start to give other people carpool rides instead of everyone driving their vehicles to work by themselves. This will save on money and carbon emissions. Finally, we need to find a way to stop big factory pollution and cut down on what they expend every year. Eventually, we’ll all be on the same page, but when we are hopefully it’s not too late.


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