Joie De Vivre of Travelling – Be Self-Employed As Tour Guide

Written by: Lori Gracing

ALERT traveling enthusiasts! If you love traveling but do not travel, due to the scarcity of resources; we have an idea to fix this issue. You must be thinking how anyone could earn and travel both at the same time. TOURIST GUIDE! Yes, you can be self-employed and opt to be a travel guide. Just imagine, you are traveling around the world and being paid for it. Pleasure of traveling from your paid job, Does not this just sound amazing? You need to believe that it does not only sounds amazing, it actually is amazing. You must be already convinced but let’s jot down the perks of being a travel guide to assure you its wonders.

Bunch of globally available friends

If you are social enough and you like to get along with different people then becoming a tour guide will let you get along with a lot of people. People with varying perceptions, backgrounds, interests, passion and much more. You get to be a listening ear to them when they talk about their life stories or passions and meanwhile, you also get to talk about your interests for hours. You can even make life-long friends. As a tour guide you will meet people who will transform the way you see the world. It’s not actually about good or bad personalities but about the worthy experiences that will spice up the joy of traveling all together. Not intentionally, but you create memories with the people whom you may or may not even see for the next time ever.

The excitement of the Tourist and Guide

For the people who love traveling, offices could be quite unexciting. As the people there are just not fond of traveling and even if they are they may never get a chance (maybe due to affordability and desire of a conventionally secure job). But when you are self-employed, you do not owe anything to anyone and are free to pursue your passion, be it traveling, along with earning money at the same time. Moreover, when you are hired by the people as a tour guide; usually the passion of seeing the world and getting to know about different countries can be easily experienced in the tourists as well. So, you get to meet people who have the same passion and interest as yours; which is pretty exciting.

Visiting your favorite destinations

Another best part of being a tour guide is you can easily get the chance of visiting your favorite places and host it to others as well. Also, when you are introducing something to others that you love, you feel the next level of excitement and joy fills you up. This grabs the attention of the people and they also engage with your passion and their tour.

Worthy notions by people

The essence is that if you are a travel freak you generate happy customers. Basically, traveling consumes much of one’s investment and when people invest this much money, they expect experiences worth their money and time. They depend on you, they follow your lead as they travel with you and when they are satisfied of your services, this fills you with another level of joy; it sounds enviable!

You feel like the Jack of all trade

A travel guide entails entertaining people with multiple skills. You need to play the role of Google travel hacks and information, you need to be the problem resolver, event manager, currency and accounts professional, audience attention grabber and convincer, an effective public speaker; all at the same time. What else one can desire for job enrichment. A travel guide’s job demands comprehensive set of valuable built-in skills.

What would be better than saving, while accomplishing your dreams?

Getting rid of paying your own bills! Sounds really great. Yes, my friends! Travel guide enjoys the tour without paying for transportation, accommodation and sometimes even meals. Additionally, the savings you make as a tour guide makes can be put in for your own traveling escapades. What else can be a more ideal situation? Travel, save money to invest in traveling again.

Other Ways to Earn Extra Income

Working as a self-employed tour guide, you can also avail opportunities to earn extra income. You can work as a travel blogger, a destination photographer, interpreter, virtual assistant and much more. Traveling itself is a name of exposure and by providing the aforementioned services to either the tourist or the locals, you build a bank of other proficiencies as well.

Traveling will not only delight you with money but the exposure of getting to know diversified people, the norms prevailing in different countries, familiarity with their cultures, their heritage and much more.

You might be traveling with many but at the end of the day it’s only you, and you might miss your own people as well while having the traveling adventures. But above all, you will fulfill your dreams of traveling the world. Additionally, assisting others and enjoying what pleases you will fill your soul with excessive pleasure, fun and sense of accomplishments. So, hurry up, pack your bags and leave for the journey of self-discovery.


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Joie De Vivre of Travelling – Be Self-Employed...

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