Make your lifestyle Environment and Budget friendly

Written by: Lori Gracing


You might think that healthy choices must be the expensive ones. This is the common misconception we hold. Environmental friendly choices are not only the requirement of time but comparatively lighter on your pocket. There are so many everyday practices that can save you a good deal of money and will help you put your share towards avoiding further environmental degradation. These steps are so easy to take and can get your utility bills down by a noticeable amount. Once you get used to these small steps you will realize the benefits and would never want to go back unconscious small resource wastage. Follow the steps listed below and thank me later.


Switch off all unnecessary electronic appliances

You have known that ever, we all know it. We all have studied that in our science textbooks in primary classes. Our moms have been telling us this throughout our lives. The thing is repeated over TV now and then. Still, this only step has not secured its benefit because it is not followed at all. We are accustomed to that style of life that we just don’t care about the light bulb that is left switched on without any reason for a whole day or night. This sort of unnecessary consumption adds to environmental degradation.


Not only environmental degradation it is hard on your pocket as well. You are paying a significant portion of your electricity bill for the energy you simply wasted. Save energy as it would not only save the environment but also the unnecessary outflow of dollars from your pocket as well.


Avoid wasting food at all cost

Another lifestyle issue that is harming the environment and your finances is the amount of food we, as an individual or as a nation, waste each day. Globally, we waste 1.6 billion tons of food yearly that cost around 1.2 trillion dollars. This figure is expected to rise to 2.1 billion tons of food wastage early b2030. This again is just at consumer’s end to avoid or not. This is not an inevitable loss. This is hard on the environment. Behind all that food production there are a lot of steps involved in the production that has already sufficiently added to the environmental degradation during the process of production. Wasted Food results in landfills that release a huge amount of methane gas– a greenhouse gas that is even more harmful than CO2.


Wasting food, apart from serious threats it poses, is rigid on your pocket as well. In short, avoid food wastage to avoid huge environmental losses and unnecessary expenses.


Use public transport

Use public transport on your way to your office. Walk your way to the local park. Walk to the local grocery store. In short burn less fuel. Use a carpool with your colleagues if not public transport on your way to the office. It will help 4-5 of you and your colleagues reach their workplace in almost the same fuel consumption as it takes to drive you only to your workplace. The greenhouse gas emission would be lower and so will be your fuel expense.


Plant trees

Try having healthy hobbies. Plant trees. Indulge in gardening in your free time. A single tree shade in a scorching sunny day can prove its worth. You already know that planting trees lessens the CO2 level in the atmosphere. It lowers the temperature and increases environmental sustainability. If people, at large, trees to plant trees and take gardening as leisure time activity we can achieve much with the least effort in the least time.


Avoid air passages as possible

Traveling by air is yet an extreme way to pollute the environment. Additionally, it is expensive as well. The aviation industry is responsible for 2% of the global CO2 emission. This CO2 emission will increase with time as more and more people will travel through the air.


Buy local

Superstores are amazing places for shopping. You can buy almost everything you need under one roof. Buying from superstores comes with a cost. This cost is economical as well as environmental. With changing people preferences more and more shopping centers are being built that are leading to more and more unnecessary consumption. Huge consumption results in huge waste as in the case of food. At one end huge consumption is involved with huge wastage but on the other hand, it required huge resources as well for its production.


Another aspect of buying local is promoting small business which is a crucial part of a healthy economy. Buying local will save your traveling costs. It will save you from the stress of standing in long queues just to get billed.


Cut on your plastic consumption

This is a difficult one. Plastic has almost gotten involved in each aspect of our lives. It is hard to imagine life without plastic products. Still, there is a way to avoid it. Use shopping bags made of jute, cotton or any other reusable material. Cut on your polythene bags right away. You can make your great contribution to your environment by this small step. Use reusable bags and avoid spending your dollars on purchasing plastic bags at the grocery stores.


These tips, if followed, would cut a significant part of your expense that is otherwise just being wasted. Additionally, you will help save your environment that too with no additional cost. This is a real win-win situation.



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