Modern Government: What People Really Think about the American Political System

Written by: Peter Tollin

Government plays a huge role in modern American life. Every American citizens is impacted by the government in one way or another. People have to pay their taxes, vote for elected officials and must follow laws established by the ruling authorities. While government is a very important to how modern Americans live, it is also a problem for millions of people as well. Continue reading so you will discover the American public’s outlook on government and how they interact with this political system in modern times.

Americans are Cynical about Government

Pew Research is a leading American think tank. Its purpose is to gather accurate statistical information about what is taking place in the United States. They gather public opinion about various issues and government is an area where they focus on a great deal. In 2019 the organization revealed that most Americans believe that their political party is losing in government.

This perception is shared by democrats and republicans alike. It is also shared by people who are members of other parties. Everyone feels as if they are losing because they simply cannot have everything go their way all of the time. Even if a particular party is in charge of the White House or has the most influence in government for a season; they still feel like they’re losing.

Americans have a mindset that if they can’t get everything to go their way, then they are somehow being shortchanged. This problem is impacting a lot of people’s perception about government and other parts of American life. Americans often demand and want things to go their way because of the values that people live by within this country. So, this type of thinking forms the basis of how people feel about government.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama: Two Extreme Presidents in the Modern Era

Former President Barack Obama ran the White House from 2009 to 2017 and current President Donald Trump has been in office since 2017. President Obama was the first African American to be elected to the position of president. This was a historical and groundbreaking moment in the history of the western world. Up until the time Barack became president, no other black man held this office. This was unprecedented and a very extreme thing to do within America.

Former President Barack Obama’s inclusion into the list of presidential leaders changed American politics forever. He was the first minority to hold the office. His presence forced many Americans to realize that minorities will come to rule the nation in the future. Since his time in office, other credible black and minority leaders have been vying for the position of president.

President Donald Trump is one of the most interesting and disturbing presidents to have ever been elected. President Trump is hated by millions of Americans. He has about a 45% approval rating. This is not one of the best for a president but it’s not the worse either. President Trump is very strong in his beliefs or views. He sometimes comes across as a bigot or hate monger. He also has a sharp mouth and many people feel like he doesn’t have any class.

He speaks his mind to his own detriment and he knows how to upset people with a passing phrase or even a simple word. Honestly, a lot of people believed that America was going to eventually collapse the day he became president. However, he has proven them wrong.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump was voted into office. What this means is no matter what people think about him, he has supporters. Millions upon millions of supporters who nominated him to office. They might not agree with everything Trump says or does but they do stand behind him. President Trump’s opinions on immigration, minorities and the American economy is not being made up just by him. It is a reflection of modern American thought and perspective. Even his so called divisive disposition is a reflection of what is happening in America today.

The bottom line is that many Americans support this extreme president. His inclusion to the long list of presidential rulers has also changed politics in modern times. Now, candidates no longer need filters and can speak what is on their mind. They can do this in relation to how American people really feel about certain issues such as laws, minorities, race relations, the economy and government.

How Government Impacts American Lives

Once again, most Americans think that government works but they think it’s not working for them. They also believe that government should not be too involved in their life. However, they do believe that the current president impacts their life a great deal. For some reason, people think a presidential leader’s influence or persona somehow bears on their daily existence. This might be true in terms of how the country is being run during a presidency. However, no president is ever involved in the daily affairs of most American citizens. Truthfully, this is an impractical and unrealistic expectation to put on any ruler.

Still, that doesn’t mean people do not think of their presidents in this way. This is one reason why many minority people and immigrants have a deep hatred toward President Trump. They believe he is a horrible person and when his name is mentioned they seem like they are ready to rise up to overthrow him. This proves that people personalize their politics when they believe they are losing. The fact is that Trump has not deported millions of American immigrants back to their homelands since he has been in office. However, this is another case of public perception.

The American political system is steadily changing. It will continue to reflect the citizens and how they view this nation and the world. Soon, the idea of a woman president or a president from the LGBTQ community might become a reality. We might even get a mental health patient to run the country one day. I don’t say that jokingly. The American public is extremely diverse and very fickle about the people they elect to power. They are also very nontraditional in their views and what they think would make a great leader.

Ultimately, we must thank our Founding Fathers for having enough since to create the Constitution. Without this “living document” America would probably fall apart because of the ever changing mindsets of its citizens and their outlook on politics and life.


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