Old Age Is A Time Of Change And The Best Things In Life

Written by: Amanda Price

When most people reach the age of 55, they start thinking about their retirement. They begin to make plans about what they will do after they stop working, and join the elite group of people who are considered to be old age. As a young person, very little thought is given to time of life because it seems so far away. Living to become an older adult is a milestone to be celebrated, and a time to be enjoyed. With old age comes many changes in one’s life. Some of these changes are good, and some are not so good. There are many factors in the life of an older adult that did not appear in their life when they were younger. You watch your children and grandchildren grow up right before your eyes, then realize that there were so many things that you did not do with them. Your family and the friends that are left may have moved to other areas of the country, but you don’t miss them until you reach old age. Once this age is finally here, you will need to look at how you live, and if you can maintain the same quality of life as always. Old age can, and will, bring about certain changes in life.

A change in finances

The one thing that is sure to change during old age is your finances. You will soon discover that living on the fixed income that is inevitable is not like living on a regular paycheck. Adjustments will have to be made in most of your financial situations. A few years before retirement, you refinanced, or took out a second mortgage on your home to help out family members. Now, you still have several years left on the mortgage, but it is difficult to fit it into your budget. This is something that must be done, so you need to cut back in other areas. Old age does not mean that everything is favorable for you. It does mean that without some financial advice, you could end up losing a lot. If there is a savings, it can be exhausted the very first year after you retire. This often happens to older adults when they try to accommodate their new incomes by paying off some of the financial responsibilities. Having someone to help guide you through the initial process of entering your older age will greatly help you avoid financial crunches that plague older adults. You must adapt to not being as flamboyant as you once were.

Change in social activity

If you enjoyed an active social life when younger, there may not be a need to change when older. The demographic group between 62 and 80 enjoy being active. There are various group activities that older adults participate in that gives much enjoyment. This time in life allows more time to connect with people. Whether you travel, go to events in your home town, or just like belonging to clubs, there is always something to do with older adults. Most communities are making it easy for the older people in the area to have places to go, and things to do. Older adults are notorious for dancing. They like to join dance classes, show off their skills on the dance floor at social events, or quietly dance with their mate. The major change in your social life would be that you now have more time to have a social life. You may be used to socializing with the people you worked with, but now you can meet new friends with whom to have in your circle of friends to go places, and do things with. Older adults like to get together, and plan outings and overnight trips. This is something that was not feasible during the working years because you had to be back by Monday morning. Old age is a time for new adventures and explorations. It is a time to let nothing inhibit you socially.

Old age brings about health changes

As people get older, they will notice that they have more aches and pains than usual. Old age sometimes brings with it health conditions and disorders associated with this time in life. Arthritis is a common bone and joint disease that may older adults have problems with. You may not be as active as you once were, and the joints may begin to stiffen. Many older adults also suffer from high blood pressure which could have carried over from younger years, and diabetes which is a disease with no age limit for onset. Many cognitive disorders are also prevalent to older adults. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, are just a few of the disabling diseases that affect mental and behavioral aspects of life. For these reasons, older adults visit their doctors more than any other people of adult age. They are very susceptible to germs and bacteria that could cause diseases like influenza. It is important for older people to eat healthy diets, and stay physically active to help decrease their risks of some of these age related disorders.

Old age sounds like an inappropriate phrase, but older adults embrace it, and many of their younger counterparts respect it. People who have reached this time in their life have earned the right to rest, relaxation, and fun in a stress free environment. Life is not always peaches and cream at any age, but being an older adult is the time when families put forth extra effort to make everything easier for their loved one. It is also a time when everyone knows that grandma has all the time needed to make special meals, and other treats for the family. Grandpa has time to finally teach the art of fishing to those who have expressed the desire to learn for years. Old age does not mean looking forward to the end, it means a brand new beginning for ideas, and finally getting to do the things that make you happy.


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Old Age Is A Time Of Change And The Best Things...

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