Preparing To Buy Your First Home – 9 Mortgage Blunders To Avoid

Written by: Amanda Price

Preparing to buy your first home and gathering money for it is a marvel as the amount required for it. People do spend their lives for this purpose. However, it remains successful for them and they do see their own home in the latter stage of life. Contrary to it, there are people as well who do not wait for life long to see and live in their own house. Thus, they try to obtain the mortgage to acquire their own house at the earliest stage.

Nonetheless, people usually puzzle up others when they are being asked about their thoughts regarding mortgaging, which is not actually the case. Although it is a huge liability over the person but along with it, it serves to be as the most worthy asset for them. By the confused thoughts of random people, money borrowers make blunders while taking the decision of mortgaging. If you are a first-time house buyer and are preparing to apply for a mortgage, you better go through the following aspects in order to avoid the mortgaging blunders.

Obtaining a prior approval of mortgage

One shall keep it in mind that prior approval for receiving an amount of the mortgage is mandatory. This procedure consumes time as well; as the lender will interrogate regarding the necessary details about the borrower before introducing him with the new available house.

The current living conditions

Investing in the acquisition of the house is a great deal but investing your whole and soul livelihood that you find it difficult to fulfill the immediate needs and necessities of your life and especially your family is not worthy. One shall act smart enough and carry out an in-depth estimation that could generate them with an idea of their basic and timely growing expenditures such as the college fee etc. As the mortgage will last as long as the children are grown up. Hence, the mortgage shall not cost anyone their basic necessities.

Surveying before finalizing the lender

Mortgaging shall be treated as shopping. One shall visit various lenders to avail the best opportunity as only by doing this $400 yearly can be saved. The caution is to be considered while finalizing the lender; especially by comparing the rates of interest and the cumbersome amounts being charged in the beginning and closing costs of the procedure. Every lender provides the borrower with varying Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which is very prolific in the long run. A little effort, in the beginning, will save hundreds of your dollars every year which can be utilized elsewhere.

Consider buying a house with an adequate down payment

The idea behind giving consideration to the appropriate amount of the down payment is pretty simple. The rule says as much as the amount of the down payment, the lesser the amount of the monthly installments. Thus, it is been said to consider a good amount of on-hand down payment before planning to buy the house; so that, the leftover amount in terms of monthly installments does not overburden you with your routine expenses. Ultimately, the routine expenditures will remain well-managed along with the mortgage installments.

Do not delay buying the house due to low down payment

Now you must be thinking to wait for gathering an adequate amount of the down payment so that you could avail affordable monthly installments. But this should not be the case. If you are a new home buyer, you must search for the low-down-payment loan programs by consulting your mortgage lender.

Documentation, documentation and documentation!

Mortgages are a handsome amount of money which are being lent to the borrowers for buying their houses. Thus, where much money is involved it is significant for both parties (the lender and the borrower) to put the points of discussion in black and white so that both of them have strong evidence regarding the discussion and no troublesome situation is being faced by any one of them later.

Explanation of the terms and conditions from the lender/Lawyer

Another worthwhile concern is to remember that the detailed explanation of the terms and condition of the mortgage are being extensively explained to the borrower. Plenty of cases have been observed where borrowers used to claim that the all-inclusive terms and conditions were kept disclosed from them. However, an all-encompassing element of the implication of the loan, the interest rate to be paid, Pre-payments, discounts, and penalties shall be deliberately discussed in detail.

Ensure the receiving of Fire-Insurance binder

While buying the house one shall ensure that the fire insurance binder letter has been received by them and they shall attach it to their property documents on an immediate basis so that they are not misplaced.

Staying up to date with the lender’s information

Instructions and details from the lender keep on updating on the lender’s websites. The lender makes sure that every time a change has been introduced in the policy by the collateral mortgage or have a new instruction regarding the residential mortgage, it has to be updated on the website without any notice. Thus, it is necessary for the borrower to stay updated on the new instructions available on the lender’s website every now and then.

Together with keeping all these blunders in mind one can stay conscious and try to avoid errors but mistakes happen and things go on. However, a little effort prior to the home buying planning can be really accommodating in saving the borrower from serious financial burdens.


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