Renewable Energy: Vital to the Planet and Saving Lives

Written by: Peter Tollin

A Quick Overview of Renewable Energy
Renewable energy really is vital to this planet for many reasons. It is known as energy that is generated from natural resources. It involves wind, rain, sunlight and geothermal heat. This type of heat is referring to the heat in the earth. Meaning the heat that is exceeding the heat on the surface of the earth. Geothermal heat is the direct use of geothermal energy. Renewable energy and any technologies associated with it are known as “clean” or “green.” This is because they do not produce pollutants or very few pollutants.

Why is Renewable Energy Vital to the Planet?
Energy efficiency is very important to the planet. Keep in mind, energy efficiency is the golden key in the reduction of climate change. The creation of a sustainable energy future is imperative for all members of society and for all future generations. Many homes waste a huge amount of energy. It is more than possible to use less energy and still enjoy the comforts of your home. Keep in mind, all energy sources impact the environment in a positive or negative manner. Renewable energy sources will offer many benefits to the air that we all need to breathe. Reducing water pollution is going to save our drinking water. Every member of society will enjoy much better health when renewable energy is used because a reduction in greenhouse gases will benefit every human being. Renewable energy is our biggest asset for challenging and fighting climate change.

Climate Change and Global Climate Patterns
Climate change is known as a global or regional climate patterns. The change is referring to notable long-term changes of the common or ordinary weather patterns. This is referring to abnormal variations of the climate through our planet. Renewable energy is going to reduce the abnormal patterns and stabilize the climate.

Putting Technology to Good Use
Technology and renewable energy are an exquisite combination because many technologies can be included and incorporated with most building energy systems. This may include solar electric, solar water systems, solar ventilation and solar preheating. Many renewable energy technologies will produce fuel, heat and electricity from renewable sources. Technology has the ability to convert the sun’s energy. It can be turned into electricity and solar collectors. It can also convert the energy into photovoltaic panels. Solar energy can be harnessed with the use of three main technologies; PV or photovoltaics, solar power, and solar heating.

Improving Public Health with Renewable Energy
Public health is important to every person living on this planet. It ought to be noted that many researcher from various universities have been able to show the monetary value on the many clean energy projects going on around the globe. Improving public health is going to come directly from the use of energy efficiency. Renewable energy is going to save on health care costs. Cleaner air is going to eliminate many breathing issues. Energy efficiency will save many lives across the globe. Less air pollution will provide better health for many while reducing lung diseases. The elimination of greenhouse gases may even reduce the risk of getting cancer. Many diseases can be wiped out with the use of renewable and efficient energy use. This benefits everyone. The improvement of public health will be a rejuvenating experience for every human being. Healthy and happy people will be an outcome of renewable energy.

Saving Money on Energy in the Long-Run
Renewable energy will lower energy bills and all consumers will be able to save money and work less in the long-run because energy efficiency reduces financial insecurity. Minimizing financial stress for many on a long-term basis is possible with good energy practices in place. This will lift many communities up to higher standards of living with lower energy payments. When homeowners invest in solar panels they will reduce their energy use and save their extra money that would normally go toward electricity. Extra cash in the bank provides peace-of-mind.

Getting Started with Renewable Energy in a Home
Most homeowners are always on the lookout for new methods and ideas to help them save extra money in their home. The first thing every homeowner must know; renewable energy is a worthy investment. Many governments will offer citizens tax incentives when they choose to invest in renewable energy for their household. A few good renewable energy ideas include:

* solar panels are a great place to start; some buildings only need a few square feet to meet the power needs in their home;

* solar shingles can be mounted on a roof; they will take the place of standard shingles and prove to be very beneficial;

* wind turbines; it is possible to install a small wind turbine on most pieces of property. They do not always add to the curb appeal because they are meant to be useful pieces of equipment as opposed to art work. The turbine offer many other advantages because they have the ability to generate an abundance of energy for a building;

* a solar oven; the average oven uses much electricity. The sun can be used to heat food in your home. Homeowners can build their own or buy one. They will heat up food free-of-cost. Power outages will never impact meals again.

Renewable Energy: No Damage to the Planet
Our future is much brighter with the use of renewable energy because this causes no damage to the environment. The clean energy is non-pollutant and no waste products will be produced. Global warming will not be fed with the use of renewable energy. Low-energy maintenance is another advantage because the renewable energy facilities are easier to maintain. This entire subject matter ought to be taken seriously because it is vital to our planet and it will save lives. All members of society can enjoy higher quality lifestyles when renewable energy is in full swing.


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