How Self-Employment Gives You Personal Freedom

Written by: Amanda Price

Whether it be your traditional 9-5 or a position that requires some serious dedication of day and night you will have some issues with your job. You might have put your heart out for getting the degree to get this job but this job is just not what you thought of. People do not like sticking to a chair and not getting up until it is time to go home. Most of the times your traditional jobs deprive you of your ability to move around. If you are an accountant, financial analyst or a front desk officer you will have to sit in a chair for at least 8 good hours. This is what that takes away your job fulfillment in the first place. There are other issues with job that hinder your personal independence.

Besides, you may just be crushed under the hierarchy of your organization. Personal growth also does not come easy at traditional jobs. You may be stuck with the same job description for years and years. Of course, you just cannot leave your job and we will never advise you this. But there are many ways out of your current job scenario that will help you get out of the rat race that you are trying to escape for many years.

One of the ways to break your vicious cycle of immobility is self-employment. We will provide you with insight into how self-employment can help your trapped situation. So, first of all, make your mind for getting all the success that has been waiting for you for years. Do not haste, just do not quit your job right away. Make your way towards self-employment and wait until it gives you the affordability to quit your job. So below we back self-employment to tell you how self-employment may help you out:

No organizational Hierarchy

The most attractive thing about self-employment is that you are not working under someone. You are free at your workplace. Your answerability is gone at the moment. So you are your own boss. This is a great gift of self-employment. This can benefit you or hurt you depending on your response to it. You must not waste this opportunity of self-growth and get lazy. This way you will hurt the sole purpose of self-employment.

Your expenses go down

Self-employment helps cut many of your expenses. You do not have to drive to your workplace during peak hours. You do not have to eat out due to peer pressure. You just do not have to present yourself as per your organizational standards. So a good portion of your income that is being spent on your job maintenance will just be saved.

Your Income increases

Your employers pay you only a fraction of what you earn. That is a small portion of the revenue you add to the organization. So when you are self-employed all the income you make goes in your pocket. It helps you work hard towards your goals because you are getting the results of your hard work. You can help grow your work from a very small business to a giant one. This is so because you are solely working towards your goals. There is no conflict of interest so there will not be any waste of resources. All the time and resources you put in get you to the results you want to achieve. Self-employment in many forms for example freelancing, setting up a local farm, starting your own dental clinic increase your income considerably. You are not working for someone so you have all the rights to the profits you make by the way of your work. In contrast to it, your salary is an expense to your employer so your employers want to pay you the minimum possible wage.

You are not Time-Bound

Yet another advantage of self-employment is the freedom of time you get. When you are employed you have to be present at your work for the whole period of eight to nine hours and sometimes maybe more. Many studies on organizational behavior show that employers encourage late sittings. So many employees, in response to it, opt for unnecessary delays to be perceived as hardworking. Self-employment helps you achieve the time-efficiency and independence of your daily schedule. Self-employment helps you get rid of this time-trap.

You Get Job enrichment

Self-employment increases job enrichment. You are not designated a specific job to do day after day. In fact, you have a whole bunch of affairs to manage. Self-employment takes away the boredom out of your job. From purchasing, accounting to your sole business you have a say and involvement in all the matter. So this way your job description gets enriched that may help you get job satisfaction and feel fulfilled.

You Eliminate Growth Dead-Locks

Self-employment also removes the growth deadlocks that you face in your traditional job. At your job, you will have to stick to a position for several years. Sometimes after a couple of promotions, you have reached the maximum possible growth of your job. Growth deadlocks are very common in traditional jobs which is not the case when you are self-employed.

No Organizational Politics

One of the most satisfying factors of self-employment is that you are totally free of the co-workers’ drama, organizational politics and looking for boss’ attention to make your way to success. Self-employment takes away your dependency so you are free to do your business your way.

So make your way to self-employment through proper study and research and gift yourself the growth and development that you always desired.


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How Self-Employment Gives You Personal Freedom

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