Several Tips For Traveling With A Tiny Budget

Written by: Cash101 Staff

If you are a travel affectionate, then do not compromise on your wishes to see the world. Nothing must stop you – Not even your low monthly income. ‘Traveling is too expensive!’ Now in the 21st century it is just an old age fallacy.

There are thousands of interesting and exotic places around the globe, with mesmerizing beauty that should be on your next travel list. For sure, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you are enthusiastic about touring the world and know how to manage on your little budget, then we have gathered some tried and tested tips to help you go on an Instagram-worthy holiday. You may be a fresh graduate with an entry-level job and high student loans on your shoulders, but the guide we have complied will definitely take good care of your wander lust.

Cheap trip guides from the diaries of travel hackers who have travelled on frugal budgets are listed here. So let’s start with all the best strategies for your next easy-on-pocket travel plan. Don’t worry about any budget size you have on your mind.

Travelling plan is the start. Now when we say a travel plan it definitely doesn’t mean the hour-to-hour itinerary or schedule. But if you are visiting a complete different place, you must have rough idea on how longer you are going to stay in that city or country. This saves you with is the last minute unexpected spending. If you have taken any last-moment accommodations or emergency flights before, you may know that they are far more expensive. So if you are in a foreign place with a tight budget, it’s good to be on a safe side and have everything pre-planned.

Travel insurance is a savior. Owing to the low budget, traveling has to be secure in every manner. In this matter, insurance does wonders. You certainly don’t want to face any accidental situations that requires you to pay extra money. So a reliable travel insurance helps you with unpredictable circumstances and saves you from having a big dent in your bank account. One big advantage of choosing a good travel insurance policy is that it protects you against all the known and unknown factors such as family emergency, sudden bad weather, medical emergencies and more.

While in US there a few but amazing Credit Card options, such as Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card that provide its users with great travel insurance facilities. They include unlimited options as insurance for trip cancelation, sickness, lost luggage, travel accidents, auto rental collision damage. These services are available for 24-hours.

Don’t go with three paid-meals a day. Focus on your travel and fun. Find every possibility where you think that you can save. This a great tip when you are experiencing around the world with a tiny budget. Try finding yourself a suitable hotel to check-in is must sometimes. Try choosing a place where you get free breakfast baskets or fill-up options for at least one time. Then you can go for a very light meal next and maybe a small restaurant of some type only for your one time meal. Always look for some cheap and at the same time tasty meal options, they are amazing and add more to the experiences.

A place where a friend or two knows you. If you are traveling to a place where a family friend or relative already lives, then it’s a win-win situation as then you can stay with them and save a big part of money you planned to spend on hotels. However, we understand that this cannot be the case all the time, but staying with people you already know on your travel will considerably lower the price of a trip.

Choose off seasons to travel. Even the person who barely travels knows that it is a call for trouble to travel during the season time. Avoid trips on festivals, schools holidays and other shoulder seasons. This allows you to have the best and cheap airline and hotel options. Before planning your trip, do an extensive research to figure out the best time to visit your intended destination, then just pick up a time before or after the dates. Airlines and hotels have the cheapest prices to appeal the travelers during off season times.

Pack smartly & Escape gift shops. While packing for your trip, put everything you think you might need. Carefully make a list and follow it. Make sure that you don’t have to shop for any necessity when you are on travel. Don’t go for extra shopping. However, as some travelers do, you may want to go for something that you can keep as a memory of the place you have travelled to. But in any case, go for inexpensive options.

Earn in a meanwhile. Earn by teaching a language on a foreign land, earn as a freelance photographer, earn as graphic designer, writer, and see for endless options that you can choose to make money professionally. Inherit a habit of work on the go. Bring every possible effort into your travel dream. Earning while you travel will let you afford your trip better. Some amazing travelers have also exchanged their skills for free lodging at the small hotels. You can bring more creative and inspiring ideas on your own.

So this is all from an expert travel guide with a minimum budget. There is a hope for wonderful travel experience even within your small budget. Travel for your own good. Travel to impact your insights and to expand your horizon. But don’t eat away all the limited cash you have. Manage and try not drain your wallet.


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Several Tips For Traveling With A Tiny Budget

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