The Best Economic News Apps for Smartphones in 2019

Written by: Cash101 Staff

The economists and entrepreneurs are eagerly looking for the latest news and ways to discover more about the financial buzz. We have gathered the leading apps that will keep our readers updated about the day-to-day economics. Read along to discover them:

Bloomberg – Business News App

The Bloomberg Business News app provides users with an access to global business and financial news, updated market data, and essential portfolio tools. Bloomberg sets their app apart with profound articles written by the award-winning business and financial experts working at the Bloomberg.

Their app is available to download on iPhone and Android devices. When installed on a device, this app enables a user to receive the leading market data that can be filtered by particular sectors or regions. Moreover, Bloomberg’s watchlist allows users to get a track of securities and investments. In addition, company’s video and audio services provide users with valuable financial information. This app is suitable for investors as news and reaction time can either make or break an investor.

Fox Business App

The Fox Business App is available to download on both iPhone and Android devices. It allows users to connect instantly in the emerging business world. This app can track financial marketing and send alerts to users instantly. Users can search stocks by using a ticker symbol and creating watchlists through including stocks to this app’s My Stock Page.

In addition, subscribers can access up-to-minute news and market stats by using live Fox business broadcasts and watching clips from favorite Fox Business Network shows. Moreover, the users can repost and share articles and videos from Fox Business app on social media networks.

Barron’s App

Barron is a well-known premier investing news magazine that offers valuable financial analysis and insights. The app can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android devices. Subscribers can access the company’s articles on weekend by using this application.

In 2019, Barron’s subscription costs around $19.99 per month, providing subscribers with an access to app along with website. Users achieve a benefit of saving an article on their mobile app that can be accessed on the website too.

CNBC Breaking News App

The CNBC Breaking News App is available to download on Android and iPhone devices. It is NBC’s flagship financial news application. Moreover, it provides users with an access to informative business news, financial information, and market data. This app keeps the users updated with breaking news alerts that are pushed even if an app is closed.

This tool enables users to monitor real-time stock quotes, view interactive stats, receive global business news coverage, and watch full length of episodes from CNBC shows such as “Mad Money” and “American Greed”. This app enables customization watch list to track particular stocks and achieve real-time access to relevant business news.

TheStreet App

TheStreet initially started as an informative website. However, the website has now emerged as a wonderful app for both Android and iPhone devices. This app offers an access to financial news, analysis, and stock-picking from experts related to the company.

This app offers updated market news, commentaries, opinions, technical insights, and actionable data. Also, it delivers precise quotes and analysis about stocks, offering a proprietary stock rating model known as “TheStreet Ratings”. This app aims to aggregate information, offering a multimedia financial experience based on articles, data, and videos.

MarketWatch App

The MarketWatch app provides users with an access to the latest business news, market information, and financial data. By using this app, people can receive breaking news coverage, recent market data, and market alerts. Also, this tool provides users with an opportunity to create a watchlist that can track MarketWatch stories about stock picks.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal stands as one of the most reputable and reliable sources for financial information. By using this app, subscribers can customize notifications and news as per their preferences on their iPhone and Android devices. The publication needs a subscription costing about under $40 per month as per 2019’s tariff.

SeekingAlpha Portfolio App

SeekingAlpha is offered to subscribers for both free and premium plans. The app is available to download on Android and iPhone devices. It is one of the top sources for news in the financial sector. Also, it offers in-depth research on a broad range of publicly traded stocks and managed funds. Subscribers can also receive alerts about stock throughout the day on companies and funds \ they follow.

FRED Economic Data

FRED Economic Data is informative source for latest economic news. Users find this app persuasive due to historical unemployment rates, GDP growth, price indexes in form of easy-to-view graphs. FRED brings the real figures, updates, real, and recorded data about modern-day economics.


The Twitter app stands as the one-stop solution for economic news. Since prime news channels tweet their stories around the clock, this app makes it hassle-free for everyone including economists to follow the leading headlines directly on an Android or iPhone device. Subscribers need to ensure that they do not miss any news by creating lists of favorite twitter users such as @NYTimeskrugman, @TheEconomist, and @edgeworthecon.


As the name suggests, Economy provides users with in-depth information about the latest economic news. This app gets economic indicators from government data, featuring a robust search engine. Moreover, Economy offers trends information about Democratic and Republican presidencies. Subscribers get a chance to review historical trends, graphs, tables, and more information all available in one app.


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