The Incredible Benefits of Shopping Online

Written by: Lori Gracing

Shopping in general is fun but shopping online is more fun and convenient. Who doesn’t like the idea of sitting in their pajamas with a hop cup of coffee in one hand and clicking on the buy button with the other just to wait a day or two for the item to show up at their doorstep? Almost all retailers have their base online. For example, Walmart and Target like stores have every one of their products and services listed on their official websites. Similarly, stores that you don’t see around but exist have their online presence too and are becoming popular because they offer competitive prices compared to their peers.

If you haven’t tried shopping online, let us run you through the basics. For those who are an expert in online shopping, this lengthy conversation could be a little boring though. Online shopping websites, just like brick and mortar stores, contain a catalog where you could browse for items of your interest, compare them and purchase them instantly. You select the items, add them to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. It is that simple. Your transaction is done once you pay with your credit or debit card while an email confirmation will be sent immediately.

Now the question that would naturally pop up in your mind is, “Is online shopping safe?”. The counter question that needs to asked here is, “Is brick and mortar store safe?”. If you are making the purchase with a URL that begins with “https://” followed by a padlock symbol, then that website is considered to be safe. However, hacking and theft can happen anywhere to anyone. Even the cashier that you handover your credit card to at the store can install hacking device and read your card number without your knowledge. In other words, you are taking as much risk with online as you would do when you make a purchase outside in the real world. In any case, when the thief makes an illegal purchase with your personal information, all you have to do is call the credit card company and notify the theft.

If you are still worried about the hacking stuff, you can stick to retailers that you know of. Apart from the credit card companies that would help you cover the theft cost, your retailer may refund the money or replace it with another item. And if you are worried that your personal information will be compromised by giving out the details online, you will be equally shocked to find out how easy it is to get that information without ever going online.

Online shopping can be used for a number of purchases, such as buying groceries, electronics and furniture. It is best used for buying commodities and comparing them with other similar items available in different stores. The only difference is by buying things online, you are missing out on the opportunity to try it out first, touch or examine before the purchase. Our advise is to stick with retailers that you can return the items to in case they won’t fit or you are unsatisfied with the purchase. In a way, online shopping can be useful for things that you normally don’t find at stores – certain oddball merchandise, antiques, collectibles and so on. The market is so huge that you can surely find such items somewhere in the corner of the country and get it shipped to your door with a click of a button.

The experience and benefits that come with shopping online far outweighs the drawbacks it contains. Some of the drawbacks include but not limited to waiting for the item to arrive, paying shipping cost and the uncertainty of the quality of the products. Most people have little to no patience when it comes to waiting for the merchandise. Paying shipping cost can be a huge dent on their budget. A retailer claiming the product or service to be that of high quality may be deceiving. All these instances is a cause of concern for those who have no time for further research. For those who are ordering in bulk or are unable to travel outside their place due to health concern or other reasons, online shopping is a boon.

Now let us talk about the positive part of the whole experience of shopping on the internet. Sure, there are many that are beyond the scope of this information. One of them is paying for your merchandise with credit cards. Using a credit card for online transactions not only provide convenience but consumer protection as well. You need this protection especially when you are buying from an unfamiliar source. When something goes wrong, if your credit card is being misused or items stolen, you can always call the company and ask for a refund. Further, if the card is stolen and you are being repeatedly hit with charges after charges, you are not liable for any of them. In essence, credit card is the safety net between you and the seller.

There are other mode of payments apart from credit cards that you can use for transactions online, such as Paypal, debit card and so on. All of these are convenient and protected just like credit cards. Additionally, retailers on the internet offer very competitive prices that chances of finding deals and discounts here are high.
Imagine having to stand at a long checkout line just to get 10 percent off your order that you forgot to submit the first time when you made the purchase. And would you bother to travel to a store 15 miles away to buy something where the cost of gas is more than the item itself?

For environmentalists and frugal people, there is one more convenient truth: Buying online can help Mother Nature and save money at the same time. This saving comes in the form of transportation, time, effort, discounts and much else. This will not only put more money back into your pocket, but help you go green as well


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The Incredible Benefits of Shopping Online

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