The Technology Trends that Will Reshape Our Lives

Written by: Peter Tollin

Technology is constantly evolving cutting-edge developments in various fields. The year 2019 is flooding various trends anticipated to reshape our lives in the upcoming days. These trends will revolutionize almost every industry including the entertainment, healthcare, education, business, and many more. We have analyzed the leading tech trends and listed the top ones below:

Autonomous Devices

Considering the much-hyped drones, robot dogs, and self-driving cars, various innovations have come under the category “Autonomous Things” by the consulting firm Gartner Labels. According to them, these things are capable to automate functions and perform activities that were previously possibly for humans only.

This trend comprises of utilizing complex programming models resulting in cutting-edge automation. Considering involvement of AI in development of advanced behavior, autonomous devices can interact with surrounding and environment in more natural manner.


Blockchain is one of the leading trends in the year 2019. It has emerged as a dominant trend in the world of crypto currencies.

Blockchain has proven its importance in more areas too. In the 2019, tech savvies are prepared to witness various Blockchain projects getting off the ground and tackling challenges successfully in the field of finance, banking, and insurance. Also, it will be a decisive period considering the release of decentralized organization and their collaboration with intelligent contracts.

5G Networks

The Spain’s National 5G plan 2018-2020 is facing rigorous development in the 2019. Various pilot projects based on 5G will be completed, leading to the 2nd largest digital dividend. The groundwork is underway, and by 2020, we will browse internet, watch videos, and play games online at an incredible fast speed of 10 Gb/Sec.

According to the Statist, one of the market and consumer data provider confirms that by 2024, the 5G mobile network technology will reach more than 40% of global population with about 1.5 billion users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a dominant trend in the modern-day world. Its implications can be seen in various fields. This year, we will witness the use of AI in the political agendas and democratization. We have seen how the European Commission expressed its views about AI based communication between member states, defining a national strategy.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics highlights another side of big data. It blends big data with artificial intelligence. By using machine learning, it transforms the sharing, development, and consumption of information. It is assumed that the abilities of augmented analytics will soon be adopted not to work with data but implement business applications. These applications will be related to finance, sales, customer support, human resources, and more areas, aiming to enhance the decision leveraging the power of deep data analysis.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin stands as a virtual replica that represents real-word entities. According to the Gartner Lab, there will be about 20 billion+ sensors connected to the end points by the end of 2020. However, the consulting firm concludes the point that digital twins will emerge for thousands and thousands of such solutions, monitoring their behavior closely.

Moreover, organization will embrace the replicas that will develop over a period of time, improving on their capability to compile and visualize the right set of information. They will improve and respond to business objectives effectively.

Optimized Edge Computing

Edge computing is a leading trend that is related to all-time popular Internet of Things (IoTs). It comprises placing intermediate points between various connection objects. Data processing can be performed at the intermediate points, reducing latency and traffic congestion effectively. This approach will give way to a case where processing is closer to end point instead of sending data to centralized server located in a cloud.

However, rather than creating an entirely new architecture, edge computing and cloud computing will emerge as complementary models that offer solutions in the cloud storage. They will considered as a centralized service that will run not on centralized servers only but also on distributed servers along with the edge devices.

Smart Spaces and Immersive Experiences

Chatbots that are integrated into various chat and voice assistance platforms are transforming the way people communicate in the digital landscape similar to Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR). These technologies combined will transform our perception of world around us by developing smart spaces where more interactive, automated, and immersive experiences can take place for an individual group of people or for specific cases.

Digital Privacy & Ethics

Digital privacy and ethics are receiving a widespread attention from state-sponsored departments and private organizations. Moreover, people are more thinking about how their personal data is utilized by various entities belonging to both private and state-sponsored sectors. Experts suggest that leading organizations will be the ones who address these matters and earn customers’ trust.

Data Security

In light of the rising cyber-attacks, data security will strengthen its position in the modern-day tech landscape. The netizens will develop an increasing awareness about the worth of information. As a result, netizens will become interested to discover the usage of their personal information. Governments in different countries are working actively, to develop and adopt rules of cyber security. Considering various cases of violations of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and different scandals involving tech giants Facebook and Google, the enforcement will be severe in 2019.

In addition, cyber security will become intelligence-focused in the upcoming days. Intelligence will be the prime solution for fast and successful attacks. Machine learning will be utilized to play an effective role in intelligence. The AI-powered devices will become independent in terms of decision-making.


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The Technology Trends that Will Reshape Our Lives

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