The Top Jobs that Pay a Fortune today

Written by: Lori Gracing

The continuous advancement in various industries has given way to some of the highest paying jobs. Considering the trending and booming professions in the modern-day world, we have gathered a list of highest paying professions below. Studying and developing skillset in following professions will pay a fortune:

Physician & Surgeon

Doctors are one of the highest paid professionals today. An average salary of a physician can range from $20,000 to $180,000. Doctors are not just grossing the high salaries but also their employment rate is expected to increase by 14-15% until 2024. Planning a career in medical field will be rewarding.


Legal Representative is one of the highest-paid professions. Lawyers belonging to various categories earn higher than many other professions. With a median salary of about $114,500, law has secured second position in the list of best-paying jobs. Law is a diverse field and its earnings depend on individual categories.

For instance, lawyers working in government earn less than private sectors. Studying in a reputed law school helps a lot when making a career in law industry.

Software Development Manager

A software development manager has to supervise the development of all the components in a computer program. He leads a team of UI/UX professionals, developers, testers, database administrators and almost everyone responsible for not just developing but testing too. In addition, a software development manager has to ensure that a project is delivered within the assigned deadline, meeting all the requirements successfully. An estimated salary of a Software Development Manager ranges from $132,000 to $153,000.

Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Managers are responsible for running a pharmacy and maintaining compliance. All the pharmacy related jobs in the market have been taking a hit lately, and pharmacy managers are ranked among the highest-paid individuals. Pharmacy managers earn an estimated salary of about $150,000.

However, getting a job of Pharmacy manager is not easy. It requires a doctoral degree and years of on-field work experience. Besides pharmacy managers, pharmacist is also a well-paid profession with a median base salary of about $118,000. Moreover, Doctoral degree is a requirement for this job. Among the disadvantages, pharmacist may have to work long hours and complete a shift on weekends.

Information Technology Manager (IT Manager)

Planning a career in IT is a good choice. IT managers earn about $120,000 on yearly basis. Secondly, this profession requires a bachelor’s degree only.

The job responsibility of an IT manager is to check on company’s equipment, making sure that all the software and networks are running smoothly. IT managers work to implement the IT goals of an organization. An IT manager needs to have technical skills as well as specific field knowledge to become eligible for this job.

Marketing Manager

Today, various industries are facing revolutions and it is not surprising that marketing jobs are paying significantly high.

A marketing manager earns around $145,000 to 147,000 in a year. However, the industries you target have great impact on the salaries of marketing managers. Apparel manufacturing, scientific research, and oil & gas extraction are among the top paying industries for marketing managers.

Financial Manager

Although online brokers are available readily, financial managers and advisors have their distinct place in the industry. Financial managers earn about $146,830 in a year. The job requires supervising the financial reporting, manage billing, & payrolls, accounting, and budgeting.

A financial manager directs a company’s investment activities and controls several internal policies. As a crucial job responsibility of financial managers, they have to analyze the past, present and future expected operations carefully and discover the consequences. In addition, financial managers identify the areas of growth and improvement for a company.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is responsible to plan, direct, and cooperate for distribution and movement of goods or services. On an average, a sales manager earns about $140,320 per year. Moreover, they need to coordinate with the sales team, establishing territories, goals, quotas, and training programs. Sales manager analyze useful statistics that are gathered by the sales staff, identifying their potential and inventory requirements. Sales managers are known for their ability to discover preferences of customers.

Natural Science Manager

Natural science manager takes care of activities performed in the field of physical sciences, life science, and relevant research and development. A natural science manager is often titled as the Fisheries Director, Heath Sciences, Laboratory Manager, Research Manager, Sr. Investigator, Senior Scientist, and more. Natural science managers can earn up to $139,900 per year.

Compensation & Benefits Manager

Compensation and benefits manager is listed among the highest paid professions in the field of Human Resources. These managers earn about $132,800 in a year and are often titled as Compensation Manager, Benefits Manager, Compensation Coordinator, Benefits Coordinator, Employee Benefit Manager, and Payroll Manager.

Nurse Anesthetists

The nurse anesthetists stand among the highest paid professions. They earn about $174,700 in a year. They monitor vital signs of a patient and administer successful recovery of patient from anesthesia. They may assist surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians, and dentists. They need to register and acquire specialized graduate education. Interestingly, this industry is achieving a rapid growth.


The airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers stand among the highest paid professions. Since pilots and co-pilots are the people in the cockpit, the flight engineer utilizes instruments in a plane for seamless navigation and guidance. This profession requires a bachelor degree and offers stunning annual earnings of about $170,000.



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The Top Jobs that Pay a Fortune today

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