Tips to Know Before Travelling

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Many people are not travel savvy. Travel smartness is achieved through gaining on-the-road experience. Newbies may make mistakes in the beginning such as avoiding culture values, acting foolish, missing buses, and some behavioral errors. However, with passage of time, a person becomes seamless traveler who moves through airport, blending in different cultures hassle-freely.

To help the readers in avoiding the common mistakes, we have created a guide that will come into handy when travelling. After reading this guide, travelers will be able to travel conveniently, save money, blend in with locals, and enjoy the overall travelling experience. Below are the best travelling tips to consider:


Keep a Towel & Backpack

A towel can be useful at times when a person make unexpected to beach. Moreover, travelers often want choose to go on picnic where they need towel the most. Various hostels offer towels. Packing a small towel will not add more to weight, but offer convenience and hygiene after taking bath or washing face.


Furthermore, keeping a small backpack or suitcase of about 35 to 40 KG provides travelers with ease and convenience. Make sure to keep the weight light and avoid carrying too much stuff. Humans tend to fill spaces, and travelers should be aware of this natural instinct.


Keep Baggage Light Weight

There’s nothing bad in wearing same t-shirt for several times in a row. Travelers should carry half of the things they think they will need. In reality, they will not need too much stuff as they may think at the time of packing.


For ease, travelers can create a list of essentials, cut it into half, and then proceed with packing. Since, travelers should take a small backpack as we have mentioned earlier, they will not have extra space for additional stuff. Above all, travelers should not forget to take a bunch of extra socks.


Keep a Bank Card or Credit Card

Unexpected events can occur anytime. Preparing a backup can come into handy if a traveler gets robed or face theft. People don’t like to get stuck at new places without having sufficient funds. For this, they can get a duplicate card and put it to freeze. Although a traveler may not need it during journey, but in case of any unexpected event, they will not face hectic of borrowing money all the time.


Opt for No-Free Bank Cards

It’s wise to keep the hard earned cash saved rather than spending it on unwanted bank fees. Tourists should opt for credit and debit card from banks that do not charge foreign transaction fees. During a journey, the few dollars they keep with them will add up significantly.


Travel Alone for Once

People learn a lot when they travel alone. It makes them independent. Traveling alone can teach how to fend oneself, communicate with new people, and deal with unfamiliar events hassle freely. It makes people comfortable with themselves, helping them learn what they are capable of and achieve goals. Many tourists want to come out of the comfort zone and surprise themselves. It helps people in learning worthy skills and pushing themselves.


Never Hesitate to Use a Map

Looking like a tourist is not as bad as getting lost in a new place and ending up in a bad neighborhood. Never hesitate to use a map and ask people for directions. After all, travelers should remember that they are the one to help themselves during whole journey and reach the destination safely.


However, it does not mean that tourists should be afraid to explore new places all the time. Wandering through a new place teaches a lot. Google Maps come into handy at times when exploring new places.

Make Sure to Visit the Local Tourism Office

The local tourism office keeps travelers updated with the on goings in a town. They can tell about the activities and events taking place during a stay. Moreover, they can provide travelers with discounts on some attractions and transport systems. It is their responsibility to help a traveler in experiencing a place in best manner.


Tourists often neglect the importance of tourism office when visiting a place. However, savvy travelers pay heed to tourism office and consider it as a valuable resource. Above all, travelers should remember to act more as local, avoiding the thieves and pickpockets who are in search of tourists.


Keep Only What is Really Needed

Limit the amount of cash and bankcards when travelling. It will help in recovering during unexpected events. Travelers should not take more than one credit card. Moreover, a lock can provide with basic safety when staying in dorms. However, tourists need to be careful when using the lock with keys as losing on the keys can put them in a hectic.


Carry Extra Copy of Documents Passport and Important Documents

It is wise to send an e-mail copy of important documents and carry copies while keeping the originals at hotel. This will reduce the chances of theft and help when reporting to police. Moreover, never hesitate to ask information from hotel staff even if you are not staying there. Interestingly, hotel staff deals with travelers all the time. They know about the cheapest deals, attractions, and restaurants. Moreover, they are often the locals and know more about the city. Travelers should ask them every type of questions. It is not necessary to stay there; tourists can ask them hassle freely.




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Tips to Know Before Travelling

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