Use Molding For A Home Improvement Investment

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Did you know that simple crown molding can increase the value of your home? Crown molding is a simple décor feature that can turn any room into a classic, modernistic, elegant, and decorative space. Molding has long been used to enhance ceilings, chair rails, and baseboards. Modern use of crown moldings can enhance a door, a hallway, and much more.

1. Ceiling
Placing crown molding at the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling is an instant framed success in any room. Crown molding material can be painted any color you wish for instant accent. Molding is a great decorative touch when it is used as a coffered ceiling. It seems to add an architectural drama to the room. Just a few thick crown molding pieces will give your room a great touch of luxury. A coffered molding can match the color of the room or it can enhance a ceiling of a different color.

2. Window
Placing molding around a window to frame it, gives your room a decorative punch. It gives the illusion that the windows are larger. When framed window molding is painted white, it seems to brighten the whole room.

3. Cabinets
If you want to add a pop to kitchen cabinets, add crown molding. Molding around the top of your cabinets is an upgrade that enhances the value of your home. This can be a DIY project requiring only nails, a saw, and wood filler. You can stain or paint the molding décor to match your color theme.

4. Doors
Placing a molding at the top of a doorway gives the entrance way a graceful design. To really make a doorway pop is to have the molding customized with an arch or curve. This elegant trimming feature gives an entryway a very distinct design.

5. Shelving
Look around at the shelving scheme in your rooms. Now envision them with a touch of molding. Molding is made in a variety of designs so you have a number of options for each of your shelving options.

6. Walls
Four stained or painted molding trims can be used to form a framed look that can be adhered to the wall. You may use either one molding picture frame look or several close to each other. By using your imagination, molding trims can be any size or angles, i.e., square, oval, or a rectangular shape.

7. Fireplace
Could your fireplace be enhanced with a molding trim? With a broad molding trim, you can add more height to your fireplace. To further enhance, it adds a molding panel directly above it. Paint or stain them the same color and voila, a new fireplace design.

8. Baseboard
Your baseboard is already a trim. But what if you gave it a little more height by adding another level of molding. This gives the bottom of your wall, an illusion of thickness.

Now with these crown molding ideas are you ready to put a better investment into your home? Just remember that quality is important in all that you place in your home. Molding is no different. If you buy cheap molding, you will get a cheap look. If you put up molding as a quick DIY, then it will look less than professional.

The key to enjoying your home while you are living in it and the trick to increase your home’s value is with crown moldings. This way, you will see how different and enhanced your home becomes and how it will improve the look of your home when you are ready to put it on the market.

Molding is plentiful in wood species like pine, oak, poplar, PVC, fir, hemlock, and other materials. Crown moldings and advanced molding designs still carry a reputation for beauty, style, and history. Each new molding add-on is a decorative wonder. Modern-day molding designs can be customized to match Elizabethian décor, European molding styles, or Asian designs.

Simply adding crown molding gives your home a new dimension to its traditional architecture. Using decorative molding inside the home is thinking outside of the box and adds a little more embellishment to your home. Creative molding features are what potential buyers will remember.

Can molding be used in every room of my home? Yes. Remember we talked about using molding to add a decorative feature. The molding as a home improvement feature no longer needs to be installed in the ceiling and around the baseboard anymore.

Just think of how molding can give your home more character. Close your eyes and envision a home without molding, now think of each room with molding. Molding is a simple architectural décor touch. Decorating with molding as we have previously noted requires choosing the right molding.

Here is a hint by a home improvement expert. Do not use crown molding in rooms where you may have vaulted ceilings or cathedral ceilings. Why? Because crown molding will not look good as part of this décor, it just doesn’t fit in.

It should be installed succinctly so that it doesn’t look cheap, and choose the right stain or paint for the type of molding wood you have chosen. Yes, crown molding is a great home improvement, decorative feature, and it can become a value increasing interior design focal point.

The molding will increase the appraisal value of your home. The great thing about molding is that its architectural features can be placed in nearly any room of your home. Molding can be used creatively for doors, cabinets, walls and so much more.

Take your molding deco to new heights. New homes today are using molding to increase its sales value because when people walk in to see molding styles around the home, the exclamation is always wow! Just by adding molding as an inexpensive architectural detail takes a simple space and turns it into an elegant real estate impact.

When you are looking for home improvement ideas, consider decorating with molding features. If you have the woodworking skills, you can also decorate a mirror with molding or even a bedroom headboard.


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Use Molding For A Home Improvement Investment

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