Ways to Earn Extra Income

Written by: Amanda Price

It is unfortunate but true that most people who are in employment and earning a regular income are dissatisfied with their income. A vast majority of them are in the lookout for various opportunities to earn extra income so that they could enjoy a better lifestyle and the good things in life.

Extra income is an income that you earn over and above the regular income that comes in from employment or routine work. Most people these days are looking for ways to earn extra income working from home. If you are one of these people, here’s an easy guide on how to find the right opportunities in earning your additional income while working from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

1. Get paid to shop online

Many online platforms offer cash rebate of up to 30% and more when you buy their popular brands on their website. You can choose from hundreds of shops. Plus, you can earn even more money by inviting friends to download the app. Such online platforms will pay you for each person recommended.

Are you ready to trade your credit for rewards? Simply choose a preferred payment method (check or PayPal payment) to access your money.

2. Offer a course to the college in your area

Put your work experience to good use. Many colleges need part-time teachers to teach their ever teaming students. If you have a job you do during the day, ask if you can give classes in the evening or courses online through webinars. Cannot find a course to give? Consider becoming a tutor in a high school or college.

3. Sell your slightly worn clothes online

Take inventory of your wardrobe and take out the clothes you no longer wear. If they are of good quality and in good condition, you can make money easily by selling them online. You can also get quality clothes from friends and neighbors at an affordable rate. Several websites and apps allow you to sell clothes online. You can even turn to social media platforms, like Facebook, which will enable users to sell clothes and other items on Facebook Marketplace.

Sell ​​online not interested? Instead, sell your clothes to thrift shops in your neighborhood.

4. Have a dog walker 

If you love dogs, why not make money by becoming a dog walker? Ask your family and friends first if they or people they know are looking for a dog walker. Print ads and post them in your neighborhood or place ads online. You can also look for, and make use of mobile apps that connects owners with dog walkers in their community.

5. Build your own business of becoming a Freelancer

Nowadays, self-employment popularly known as entrepreneurship is a popular way to earn extra income. In fact, 1 out of every 4 people is working on “something else.” Whether you are an editor, accountant, painter, or photographer, there are many opportunities to earn more money. If you can work remotely, take advantage of websites that allow freelancers and customers to connect. What are the benefits of these websites? They allow you to be connected to customers all over the world. So there will always be someone who will need your services.

Check out some popular freelance websites such as fiverr.com to get you started.

6. Ask your manager if you can work overtime 

The easiest way to get a little more money is to see the opportunities available at your primary job. Ask your manager if employees are allowed to work overtime, then do it when you have the chance.

7. Look for a part-time job

If you have some free time, consider finding a part-time job. Many companies are looking for employees for evening or weekend shifts that would suit your schedule perfectly if you work daytime, Monday through Friday.

8. Rent your parking space

If you do not use your parking space, consider renting it. People could spend a lot of money renting your parking, depending on where they are from workplaces, offices, and schools.

9. Rent your apartment or find a roommate

Rent any extra room you have to earn more money. If you do not know anyone who is looking for housing, you can rent rooms or your entire home on some popular websites easily found on google. Enjoy special events such as concerts or festivals where you can ask for more money.

10. Take advantage of referral programs 

Many companies offer a bonus or credit that you can use to buy their services by simply recommending friends or family members. Are you one of our client? You can get some referral bonuses when you recommend someone who will take out an unsecured personal loan.

Other platforms such as fiverr.com also give you $100 referral benefits on each user you refer through your referral link.

No matter what your schedule or lifestyle, there are many opportunities to make more money available to you. Some require little effort, while others require a bit more time. No matter what you decide to do to make more money.


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Ways to Earn Extra Income

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