What Can The Government Do To Protect Americans From The Coronavirus

Written by: Lori Gracing

In order to answer such a question – ” What can the government do to protect americans from the coronavirus?” one must understand what is a government!

A group of people or a system that governs a state or organized community is known as a government. The different branches of a government or Judiciary, executive, and legislative. The job of a government is to enforce the policies that keep society organized and the government also determines and creates policies as well. Each and every country has its own government and that government has a constitution. The constitution is the principles and philosophies that the government uses to implement the laws and rules of society. It is said that the history records record that the earliest forms of government were 5,000 years ago. The first forms appeared in small cities. The larger governments started to develop around 2nd and 3rd BC in areas such as ancient Egypt. 

How Can The United States Protect Its Citizens From The Coronavirus 

The Center for Disease Control seems to think that there is a strong possibility of the coronavirus being spread from China to the United States. This report from the Center for Disease Control sparked the concern of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Congress, and President Trump. There are steps that the government can take to protect American citizens from a potential coronavirus outbreak. These steps are to figure out who is infected and locate them. The second step will be to educate all the healthcare workers in the United States on the coronavirus so they can prepare to treat any potential patients who have contracted the disease. The third step is to educate the general public of a potential coronavirus outbreak and the signs and symptoms of the disease. 

How The Government Can Figure Out Who Is Infected With The Coronavirus 

In a Washington Post article, an epidemiologist recommended that there should be some type of test developed for every doctor’s office across America to help them to determine if the coronavirus is present in an individual. This test should be performed on anyone who comes in sick to a doctor’s office and these patients should be the number one priority. The epidemiologist who recommended this universal test is very credible. She works at John Hopkins University and her specialty is pandemics. Currently, the United States is not testing any individuals who have visited China or the region where the outbreak has occurred. So someone could actually be walking around America be symptomless because the virus could be dormant at the time. If an individual does get sick the individual could think that they have something like a common cold. This virus is very dangerous since it is spread by droplets. If it does pop up in the United States all places of congregations should be closed until it is resolved. 

Healthcare Workers To Battle The Coronavirus

In order for healthcare workers to be efficiently prepared to battle the coronavirus, they will need tons of personal protective equipment, particularly masks.  China is currently producing a vaccine for the virus so the United States will have to get medicine from China. Getting this vaccination would equip the hospitals and clinics with what they need to treat individuals who are suffering from the virus. The government should also make sure that these hospitals and clinics have extra supplies and extra vaccination just in case the outbreak gets bad. In this case, the facilities may start to get bombarded with people. 

What Should The Government Tell The Public In Regard To The Coronavirus 

The number one thing that the government should inform the general public to do when it comes to the coronavirus is to wash their hands on a consistent basis and make sure that they have had their flu shot.  These two things are very important because hand-washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of infection. If an individual has had their flu shot they will not confuse the flu with the coronavirus and that way emergency rooms will not be over flooded with false alarms. The general public should also be informed by the government that if they are not feeling well or have flu-like symptoms they should quarantine themselves along with going to see the doctor. The general public should also be educated by the government to try and work from home if possible and avoid being in large groups. It is up to the individuals in the general public to follow these instructions that the government gives in order to stop the potential spread or outbreak of the coronavirus that could occur here in the United States. 

Another important issue in regards to a potential health crisis that can occur around the world and not just in America is the way that governments address these issues. In most cases, the government may tend to get sort of laissez-faire and address the issue too little too late. Hopefully, this type of behavior does not occur with the potential outbreak that could occur of the coronavirus. The reason why this type of behavior should not occur from our government is that the CDC has given pertinent information that there could be a possible outbreak here in the United States. 

An important issue that the government has right now is that there is not a leader in the White House who has the knowledge of how to deal with global pandemics. The United States government actually removed this individual from this position back in 2018. Now in 2020, it looks like this individual expertise will definitely be needed with this potential outbreak of the coronavirus that could occur in the United States. The global pandemic advisor position was an extremely important position especially now because this would be the individual that would be coordinating with the public health agencies on making emergency decisions in regard to a coronavirus outbreak.


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