What You Need To Know About Investing As A Newcomer

Written by: Peter Tollin

Investing can be a scary thought if you have never placed your money on something and waited for it to give you a big return. To start, you should take it slow, especially if you have no idea what’s ahead or if your investment will make any money. Investing can be considered a bit of an art and there is some science to it. Most people who are heavily invest know what to look for and have acquired skills to spot good investments. Here are some things you need to know about investments as a newcomer.

What should I invest in?

This is probably the first question you want to ask yourself when considering investing in anything. It’s a question that stumps most of us because we don’t know where to begin. Are homes the best investment for you and your family? Should you go for the stock market and start there? Whatever you do decide, you will have to do a little research to get over the learning curve. Starting with investing will be like learning a foreign language. You have to understand all the terms before you put a pile money on a stock or on that rental home. Think about your needs and what is the best thing to do. How much time do you have to give to this new investment? It can make a big difference is you have a busy schedule. Make a list of potential investments you believe will service your purpose. Talk to friends and family to see where they are putting their investment dollars. You might catch a break and find out there is a hot new stock paying great returns.

Do you have the money?

You need to check your finances first to see if you can afford to invest. Most people try to dive in too fast only to find themselves broke on an investment that is garnering no returns. Sit down and look at how much money you can spare each month to make an investment. Further, look at what you have coming in versus what you can risk. Are you thinking about putting a big chunk of money down at first or do you want to section out a small portion and play with that? These are the hard questions that you have to ask yourself. Don’t be naive and think that the moment you put money in an investment your 20 percent will come back within a few weeks. You have to be in it for the long ride. Either way make sure your wallet and budget can handle any investments you finally decide on getting in to.

What are the risks of investing?

We all know that the ultimate risk of an investment is that you can lose all your money. Research to see how bad some risks are for certain investments being offered. Risks are something you need to get a good understanding about or you will be highly disappointed. All investments come with some kind of a risk and you need to be aware of them. Don’t think for a minute that you can escape them because it’s impossible. This is why it’s best to drill down on what investments have the lowest risk when you are a newcomer. Don’t jump in the pool of an investment and not read the fine print. Most sites often warn the you before you invest you need to agree to the risks.

Prepare for the worse

When starting in investing you need to have a thick skin. If you are an emotional person and at every dip your stock takes leaves you in tears, then investing probably isn’t your thing. You don’t necessarily need to have a bad attitude, but you do need to expect some unfavorable results. You will have to learn to stomach losing 5K or how ever much money you put in the investment. This is why you don’t invest unless you can handle the outcome. Most times the results of an investment can be quite good, while other times it can down right through you in depression. You need to be mentally fit to handle investments as you watch your money go up and down.


If you are timid about the investing, then settle on getting a firm education about investing overall. Some people have taken online courses or made an attempt to understand the world of finance a lot more. Investing is probably not for you if you are bad with money. There are thousands of courses, hard books, ebooks and videos you can learn about investing. Today, with the help of new technology, we can find information on investing in a matter of minutes with an internet search. Find those videos of people who are investing what you are interested in and listen to their stories. You can learn a lot from some who has already been there when it comes to investing. Today, everyone is sharing some kind of knowledge or tip to get views on there video presentations.

Once you can find out what is that right investment for you, it won’t seem so confusing and intimidating. Stick with a list of interests and see how they fit with what you want to spend your money on. Consider how much money you have to play with and work that into your budget for investing. Never invest if it will prevent you from paying your current bills. Understand all of the risks that investing brings to the newcomer. It can be shocking, but you will need to have a strong mind to handle bad results. You need to get your mind straight and prepare to lose some money, if not all. That is the nature of investing to begin with. Finally, educate yourself about investing and learn the terms so you can cope. Search online for videos you can watch and listen to those spilling the beans about what not do to


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