Why Everyone Should Travel Solo at Least Once and Tips on Staying Safe

Written by: Peter Tollin

When we travel, we often travel with at least 1 other person. It might seem like it would be a lonely trip to travel by yourself. However, there have been studies done on the benefits of traveling solo. These studies show there are many benefits to traveling by yourself. Read on to find out why it can be an uplifting vacation to go by yourself.

You Will Have the Freedom to Explore When and How You Wish

When we travel with others, we must plan our days accordingly. There always must be agreements made about what sights to see. There is most often compromises that are made along the way. That is truer with the larger the group.

When we travel by ourselves, though, those obstacles are not in the plans. We can come and go as we please. That means you do not need to coordinate your day of sight-seeing with your group. If you do not want to see a landmark, you do not have to go. Also, if you are enjoying the time spent on a certain activity or landmark, you can stay if you want.

It Will be a Boost to Your Confidence

Traveling by yourself can be a boost to your confidence. You will have the excitement of being by yourself. There will be no one along to weigh you down. Traveling by yourself can lead to a new you. There is nothing better than a boost to our self-esteem and confidence. When we have a boost in either or both, we tend to be euphoric.

You Will Have More Opportunities to Meet Others

Whenever we travel in a group, we tend to only converse with members of that group. When you are traveling alone, though, you will notice many things that are different from when traveling in a group. One thing you will notice is that there are more people around you. It will become clear that you should want to talk to some of them.

It is only human nature that you should want to have interactions with humans daily. When traveling alone, you will be more apt to notice other travelers. You can also keep in mind that when you meet these new people, they will have something in common with you. These people are all visiting the same landmark or monument that you are. There will be a common interest you have with them.

It Just Might Change the Course of Your Life

Who knows what might happen when you travel alone? For instance, you could end up staying longer than you thought you would. That is right. You might leave the US or wherever you are from and decide you want to stay wherever it is you traveled to.

Without having anyone there with you, it will be okay. If you want to move to your vacation destination, you can. There will be no one to tell you they need to get back home.

Tips On Staying Safe While Traveling Alone

Have a way to contact others-no matter where you go on your solo vacation make sure you have a way to contact others. It is important to remember you are by yourself and anything can happen. You will not only need cell phone service where you are, but you will also need data. Bothe will aid you if the need should arise that you must get in touch with someone.

Backup everything-you will have important documents while traveling. These documents should be backed up somehow. It is essential that you have them on cloud storage such as Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, or Google Drive. If you have these important documents backed up on a cloud server, you will always have access to them. Also, if you are traveling alone, you might want to consider taking a few extra cards with you. These things are important no matter where you travel. But if you travel to a different country, you will want to have extra cash and cards.

Keep valuables secure-while you are traveling, you will be staying in hotels or bed-and-breakfast establishments. You will want to have a way to store your extra cards, cash, and any other valuables. The hotel you stay in should have a way to do so in your room. If they do not, it might be a good idea to find a different hotel. You will not want to lose any of your valuables while on a foreign vacation.

Make sure to keep others informed-when you want to travel alone, you will have to tell others where you are going. You will want to tell them your flight number and which hotel you are staying at. It is an excellent idea to let at least 1 person know where you are going. That person can keep an eye on airline crashes and other essential safety concerns they might have. Telling at least 1 person does not mean you will be giving away some secrets. It only means you are concerned about your safety while traveling.

Pay attention to what is going on around you-when we travel alone, we put ourselves out there. It will be impossible for someone to grab you if you are paying attention to what is going on around you. Traveling by ourselves can be an excellent experience. We should all do it at least 1 time in our lifetime. But we will want to stay safe while we are out there. Part of staying safe means we are always aware of what is going on around us.

In conclusion, we should all travel by ourselves at least 1 time. We will find the experience uplifting and life changing. And make sure to always stay safe while traveling by yourself.


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