Your Most Comprehensive Guide to Couponing

Written by: Cash101 Staff

Around 35% of Americans use coupons regularly, but a large percentage more use them on occasion. No matter which of the categories you fit into, it’s time to make a change and use coupons frequently. Coupons offer savings on food, beauty products, household essentials, dining out, and so much more. Most anything that you’d like to buy could potentially have a money-saving coupon available. But, retailers reserve their coupons to those willing to put in a bit of effort to find the deals. Newspapers, websites, and social media are among the places to find the best coupons. It takes little time to cut coupons and reduce monthly expense by 25% to 75%!

Set Aside Time to Coupon

We spend time using social media sites, watching television, etc. when those minutes are better spent searching for coupons and deals. It won’t take long to learn that couponing (and the act of finding the deals) is just as, if not more, exciting than these other activities and considerably more beneficial as well. If you own a computer and internet connection, finding deals is a no-brainer. But, don’t stop with only online sources because coupons are easy to find elsewhere if you keep an eye open for the offers.

Get the Best Deals

Many stores put items on sale or offer an in-store coupon for a particular item. Check out the sales ads and fliers for your favorite retailers each week and be sure to take advantage of these sales. Combine these offers with manufacturer’s coupons and enjoy even better deals and discounts that keep your money where it should be. Most stores accept both manufacturer and in-store coupons but do check the store policy to learn their rules regarding coupons.

Double Coupon Days

Although not as popular as long ago, double coupon days are still going strong at some supermarkets and retailers across the country. These deals double the value of your coupon up to 50 cents. In other words, that 50 cents off turns into $1 off. Just a few coupons used on double coupon day can save a tremendous amount of money. If there is a store in your local area that offers double coupon days, aim to shop on these days when coupons are in hand.

Where to Find Coupons

Coupons are simple to find and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to score a handful of money-saving deals. Scour high and low to find the best coupons and money-saving deals. As mentioned above, the web is chock full of coupon resources if you’re willing to use them. Have a printer readily available to print the coupons!

Scour newspapers for coupons and pick up local circulars and publications to find coupons. Sometimes, SmartSource and other companies send coupons to you in the mail, so check your mailbox. And, whatever you do sign up for newsletters, clubs, and email lists from your favorite brands. When you trade your email address for an opt-in, most companies reward you with a special free thank you gift and fill your email box with special offers on a regular basis.

Coupon websites and apps also offer the money-saving deals that you want and need. These sites offer hundreds of coupons each and every day. They update their available coupon selection frequently as well, so there’s always deals to enjoy. If you’re lucky, you’ll find coupons for free products when you scour these and other sources. Be sure to look at packages to find coupons and on in-store displays and product tests as well. Never assume that a coupon is unavailable until you look high and low for the offers. Coupons are found just about everywhere you go if only you will take the time to find the best deals out there.

Is Couponing Worth Your Time?

If you have ever watched the tv show ‘Extreme Couponing’ you may think that couponing is difficult or that it requires a lot of effort, although it’s clear to see the amount of money those people saved each time they went out to the grocery store or on a shopping spree. But, you certainly see firsthand how great the deals offered really are from this show. You can save money and have fun at the same time when you begin using coupons. No matter who you are or the expertise you have in couponing, this activity is one that will make you smile, especially once you learn how much money is leftover at the end of the day. It takes little time to find, cut, and organize coupons, with the end result from a lot of extra money left over in your pocket month after month.

It’s Time to Coupon

If you’re on a budget, want to save money, or simply enjoy getting a good deal, couponing is an activity that you shouldn’t wait to start. Many people find that couponing turns into an exciting hobby they truly enjoy. Anyone can coupon and score hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings and even free products year after year by devoting just a few short minutes of their day each day to couponing and saving money. It’s easy and there are no strings attached. Use the above information to help get started couponing and in no time, you’ll have tons of extra money left over in your pocket every day.


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Your Most Comprehensive Guide to Couponing

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